Outstanding 2015 Performance

Outstanding 2015 Performance

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Skilled plans and competent acts equal achieved vision.

Dark Triad Man was launched on October 26, 2015. That’s just over 9 weeks for the first year of publication. And while the traffic statistics and conversion rates are extraordinarily impressive, the next year will be even better.

Before I share the fine details of the tens of thousands of views and our impression conversion rates (more than double the industry average) it is important to give some useful background on how Dark Triad Man came to be.

It is a terrific story.


The genesis of this site.

Over the years I have accepted, cultivated, and deployed the three dark triad traits of personality.

They are narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

It’s brought me superb success, notable defeats, but above all has given me an enormous foundation of authentic power in the dark world.

A beautiful home, a gorgeous wife, expensive toys and matchless experiences around the world are wonderful things. But I found something missing.

That something was giving back, and delivering my knowledge to others. The stage of mentoring and philanthropy is one that is important to reach on the journey of male maturity. I knew that it was necessary, but I struggled mightily with the how.

Then a few brief years ago I stumbled over AskMen. That led me to Return of Kings.

And the answer was born in my mind as I realized the need that men have today.

The whining, ugly, destructive and murderously oppressive narrative of social justice warriors, repugnant feminists and idiotic social engineering have created a vastly painful, horrifically damaging and psychologically despairing environment for men.

It’s done to men on purpose. And it’s unforgivable.

As I read through the writings in the manosphere I realized something crucially important. The men who led this Red Pill renewal of masculinity were not extraordinary, unattainable archetypes of unreachable brilliance.

They were simply leading their brothers, and setting the example of manhood that had become nearly concealed knowledge in modern culture. Their bravery was not in proclaiming the truths they shared, but in no longer caring what the ideological world thought.

They were voicing the truth of men.

And I realized how utterly parched and famished the world of men had become. It needed that voice. It needed it desperately. And I was determined to add to it, for I also no longer cared what the silly world of ideological idiots thought.

But how? What distinct voice did I have, and how could I add strong value?

I knew I had lessons to give. More than thirty years of training in the classical Japanese koryu battlefield arts. A familiarity since my teens with lifting iron and the painful pushing of bodily limits into growth. A clawing of my way up in a professional career to a six figure income and a life of relative ease. Adventure and danger and lessons learned through travel across three continents.

But I dallied. I did not have the brand. There were many hours spent in this consideration, almost a paralysis. I read more. I thought more. I assessed more. I knew what I wanted to say, but I had no model for putting it into action.

Then I came across Victor Pride at Bold and Determined.

Victor Pride has a singular voice of harsh, unapologetic drive. And it was exactly what I needed to take action. Enough analysis. Enough getting ready.

Time to perform. And so I did.

I dove headfirst into the site development, the branding, the niche, the processes and in doing so I created a vision. I drafted  business plans and metrics and deliverables. I took every possible step with rapid determination.

And I delivered Dark Triad Man.

Here are the 2015 performance results.


2015 Traffic

Over 14,000 visitors read more than 35,000 pages.

The amount of traffic at Dark Triad Man in just the first two months vastly exceeded expectations. The initial goal for site traffic was 2,500 visitors and 10,000 views.

That’s more than five times as many  visitors as expected. I knew there was an audience that needs this information. The content is not just informing readers but engaging them.

That is critically important.

I do not write Dark Triad Man in order to be merely another blog that offers short articles of common, uninteresting lists or copy and paste material. That serves no one. It does not profit me, it does not advance you, and it does not capture your imagination and drive you to blow the locks off the doors to your success.

And that is my purpose here.

I am Ivan Throne. I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

Brutal honesty is what I deliver. If you choose to take it and dare to be a Dark Triad Man, then this is the channel that will equip you with the lessons that drive greater understanding, more ferocious traction, and authentic results in the world.

I do not waste time. Mine or yours.

And this demand for authenticity is driving impressive engagement and click through rates.


2015 Campaign

Fantastic click through performance on The Nine Laws campaign.

The industry average according to Mailchimp is 18.52%. The release of The Nine Laws Classic of the Dark Triad Man on New Year’s Eve had an astonishing click rate of 43.75% when received by the subscribers who had been waiting for two months for its release.

That is a 236% performance over the industry average. That is called success.

Ebooks are an essential driver of blog subscriptions. The offer of a free ebook is used to draw in readers, to provide value in return for their subscription, and to demonstrate the unique content value of the site.

It was very important to me to work backwards from this formula.

Demonstration of vital, compelling value was my overriding goal.

I refused to create a cheap, synthetic and generic ebook that would be read, discarded and forgotten. I refused to provide anything other than a professional quality product with serious, well considered content that subscribers could return to again and again.

There was no negotiation with this. Quality products take time and effort. And so the late October 2015 launch of Dark Triad Man went ahead without a free ebook to drive subscriptions for the first two months.

The resulting conversion rate was nicely up to industry standards. 14,430 visitors resulted in 350 subscribers, which is a 2.43% conversion rate.

That is a decent and solid result, but not astonishing.

Now let’s look at 2016 and the release of The Nine Laws Classic and it’s impact on conversion rates.

With the holidays and no new posts, traffic on this new blog has nonetheless remained relatively steady. 271 visitors in the first three days of the year has brought in 14 subscriptions – a new conversion rate of 5.17%.

That’s more than doubling of the conversion rate. And it’s not a mystery.

Quality is vital. It is not through scattering of cheapness that success is driven.


“Yesterday I received your e-book, the Nine Laws. I am thrilled by what you do and your compilation of worldly wisdom.” – Benjamin


More than three decades of immersed struggle and success in the dark world have led to the knowledge and lessons that are delivered at Dark Triad Man. It is not mere platitudinous and shallow slogans.

It is the distillation of experience.

The delivery of content at Dark Triad Man is designed from the ground up with quality, relevance and directly applicable lessons.

Ruthless mentoring for a dark world cannot be anything less.


“Your distillation of the wisdom of the ancients into pristine missiles of straight dope is icily refreshing. Careful….you may just raise an army around you. To War!” – Miller


Brutal honesty is the only way to shape men into determined soldiers of power and achievement. It is the only way to teach the handling of the sword, the crush of bone and sinew, the focus and intensity required for the carving out of a career or the attainment of an incredibly desirable and complementary mate.


“Just wanted to say, the presentation of DTM and its materials is a clinic. Well thought-out right to its foundations, with a rare sense of timing. A bit over the top, but anything less would be incongruent. And it’s well-ballasted by a sober, damn-that-makes-sense foundation that is obviously thought through.” – Joe


The impact demonstrated by this feedback is precisely what Dark Triad Man is determined to deliver. That impact is its purpose: real awakening, with real lessons, grounded in the authenticity of seasoned experience and driven home with purpose.

That driven purpose must be reflected in all channels.

The next 2015 performance result is on Twitter:


2015 Twitter

Nearly three quarters of a million Twitter impressions.

As the chart shows, it was in the latter half of December that Dark Triad Man began to focus on Twitter as its primary driver of social media penetration. The results are continuing to drive traffic and interest.

Twitter has an extraordinary ability to refine content into direct, sharp and concise messages. It adds discipline and clarity to writing. It also has vast reach and each tweet has the potential for viral results.

That is in direct accordance with the Way of efficient, competent action of the Dark Triad Man.


Direct delivery of real time guidance and lessons, combined with brutally honest and incisive commentary on news events, cultural trends and the voices of other strong figures in the virtual world is what you get.

And you get connection.

Travel with me into a powerful 2016.


This post was published in early 2016. The concept for Cold Spear: Lessons From A Psychopath was set aside to write and produce the full length version of The Nine Laws demanded by my readers, and released in late 2016 from Castalia House.
Dark Triad Man has critical and powerful plans for 2016.

2016 will be a banner first full year of delivery. In addition to more compelling posts with actionable content, thousands of subscribers and the pursuit of an avalanche of new followers on Twitter, I will be working hard on some very special additions.

I’m extremely excited about what this year is bringing.

The first half of the year is devoted to the design, development and delivery of a full length book available both in print and electronic versions.

Cold Spear: Lessons from a Psychopath will cover the grim and forbidding realizations of truth that result from engagement with the dark world without illusions or fear.

The dark world has no mercy.

The dark world has no pity.

The dark world is the reality.

Safety, security, peace, stability and ultimately even society are illusory veneers over this reality. Achievement in the dark world demands the icy, utterly competent and unfiltered perspective of the psychopath, who has no boundaries on his mind, heart or action.

Cold Spear: Lessons from a Psychopath will demonstrate how that perspective is cultivated.

It will show you how to activate  the crucible of your own inner mind and heart.

It will teach you methods of scraping away the idiocy of useless illusions.

It will carve away the gratuitous excess and baggage that hinder your progress.

It will teach you to think and perceive like a psychopath of utter competence.

It will teach you the path of the Dark Triad Man.

The Nine Laws Classic has been met with some surprise at its free availability:


“I just have to say after reading this “Jesus Christ why the fuck aren’t you publishing this” look i read the 48 laws power but those were theories hard to apply but this is the manual to help focus and achieve your goal. Ivan this is pure gold you shouldn’t give this out for free but i am so grateful for this.” – Gabriel


I am publishing Cold Spear: Lessons from a Psychopath on July 1st, 2016.

It will eclipse The Nine Laws Classic with exponential power and value.

Best of all, the launch of Cold Spear: Lessons from a Psychopath will be followed by a celebration in Las Vegas on July 4th, 2016 at a hedonistic poolside venue. And in that exultant, bass-pounding environment we’ll raise our toasts to even more vibrant success.

Strong success deserves strong celebration.

I am looking forward to the music, the fireworks and the action.

I’d like you to join us. There’s nothing like allies in the dark world.

Especially when the party is on and success is in the air.

Mark your calendar today for the Fourth of July.


The planned Las Vegas event has moved forward to April 22nd, 2017 as an exclusive, world-class training event to be held at Caesars Palace for a select group at the Immersion Forge. Discover more today about this matchless opportunity.
Join me in the work of Dark Triad Man.

You only live once.

Leave your mark on the world.

Fill your live with purposeful adventure.

In the last nine weeks of 2015 I drew deliberate steel, and you joined me in this brotherhood of men. In tandem we embarked on a journey of lasting, inspiring potential.

In 2016 let’s carve our way to the throne.

Draw your own steel, and join me. That is what comrades do.

Throw away the scabbard. Stride forward.

We’ll seize those thrones together.


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