How To Enslave Your Rage And Win

How To Enslave Your Rage And Win

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The rage of denied ambition grows with terrible ferocity.

Learn to enslave your rage and turn it to power. Shackle the uncontrolled and crippling wrath of your impatient fury and turn it into a harnessed beast that hauls you forward with a brutal, roaring demand for success.

Transform your scattered, howling energies into a grim and terrible focus of the mind and heart, and by your enslaved rage drive forward through the dark world and seize the glittering thrones of your vast and challenging desires.

You must start with brutally personal honesty.


There is no exception to this process.

There are no shortcuts that the greedy, the slothful or the corrupted can employ to reach a state of iron, unstoppable determination built from an unforgiving and unsympathetic review of the self conducted with crucifying accuracy.

Human beings want shortcuts. The inherent masculine drive is for the attainment of power. Men, by their nature, seek shortcuts to power and in this fallen and foolishly pointless approach lies grave and unrecoverable mistakes that waste time, blow through resources and cripple outcomes.

If the grand and envisioned future you hold fast against your heart and mind is frustratingly impossible and your consequential rage fills your entire universe, learning to channel that rage is both your path out of the screaming insanity of violated entitlement and the granite foundation of its absolute achievement.

Harness it as indomitable will or die in miserable, furious emotional squalor.

The Dark Triad Man does not wallow in self pity.

You will learn to accept your rage and abandon your denial of reality. You will absorb the lessons of delayed gratification layered over grave and patient deployment of will. You will master the process of planning the inevitability of your power and outcomes.

It is in the bringing to bear of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy upon his unsatisfied rage, frustration and resentment that the Dark Triad Man conceives and cultivates an immovable spirit of relentless manifestation for his will and purpose.


“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead one to sovereign power.”


The above words from Alfred Lord Tennyson are sublime, succinct and correct.

You have purposes you have not achieved. You see no way to accomplish them. You have desires you have not satisfied. You see no way to live them out. You have visions you demand of life. You fear they slip past in the dark world.

You have been given the gift of rage for a reason.

Life is not fair.

Rage is the result.

You will enslave your rage and win.

Let us begin.


Accept your rage and embrace agony.

Ruthless acceptance of your failures and limitations is nonnegotiable. Pitiless assessment of your situation is a critically irreplaceable step towards transforming your limitless rage and fury into a source of power. Transforming them into unstoppable, channeled drives of determination must begin with the icy assessment of the psychopath.

Without this acceptance of the self and cold appraisal of your challenges, your efforts to enslave your rage will backfire and you will be misdirected by your foolish insistence on illusion and fantasy. Your achievements will stutter and fall aside, your frustration will grow, and the bitter, curdled resentment of the failing weak will become your rotted way of life.

Brutal honesty is your only way out.

The ugly, humiliating and sickening holes of failure in your life must be faced in full with cruel and savage honesty. You must take cruel delight in opening the Pandora’s box of fear and dread and uncertainty that clog your veins of power.

The process is simple but extraordinarily difficult. To effectively enslave your rage there must be a denouement; a moment of such fury and helpless despair that you are at the pivotal moment of discarding your vision and bitterly embracing failure and worthless weakness.

It is in that pivotal moment that the vast opportunity arises to forge that rage and fury into deliberate, structured and unforgivingly measured power. You must learn to seize that moment, and turn inwards and reshape your will.

It is in the moment of despair that your fatal decision is made.

It is when you drop to your knees in misery and agony.

It is when you wish to die rather than live with failure.

It is in that moment that the first of The Nine Laws asserts primacy.

Survival. You must live.

And in that moment you reframe that survival with the third of the Laws:



You must strive for clarity of sacred purpose.

It is the man who confuses dream with vision, who confuses desire with purpose, that finds himself twisted in crushing and curdled disappointment. It is the man who does not understand that there is always a way, who is unable to ever see one.

The reality of the dark world is that it does not care.

It does not care if you achieve.

It is unmoved by your pain.

It does not notice that your desires are not met.

The dark world only offers equal opportunity for the achievement of vision and the attainment of victory by the determined. It glories in the cultivation of power by those who understand how to apply kyojitsu tenkan ho to themselves and thereby steer the playing out of fate.

The most powerful response you can offer to your own disappointment is to discard self-pity.

Within that psychopathic disregard for your disappointment lies the ability to transform it from mere wallowing and gratuitous masturbation into the determination of vengeance and wrath.

Living well is the best revenge.

Total success is the most dread vengeance.

Accept your rage. Enslave it.

The life of the Dark Triad Man is an expression of his purpose in the dark world.

Vow your own deepest self to purpose.


Utter devotion to penetrating vision.

Frustrated desire stems from ongoing gap between vision and achievement. Rage arises from assessment of hopelessness and inability to identify a path through challenge to that achievement, to that realization of vision.

The answer to finding that path can be found in the expansion and contraction of perspective, in the telescoped application of vision along gradients of reality. It is part of the narrowing down process, it is part of the alternating practice of tumbling and turning your freedom and mobility in service of your purpose.

It is found in rejected internal dialogue.

It is best illustrated through examples.

Let us examine.


“I’m unattractive, I’m awkward, I’m introverted and disabled. I’m never going to get the stunningly gorgeous sexual partners I want more than anything else. I’m unavoidably prevented from having them because of these ugly and totally unfair limitations.”


But if you are ugly, gawky, autistic and palsied yet have a net worth of billions of disposable dollars, you will eventually require a team of very special assistants to prioritize, select and manage a vast and unlimited parade.

That parade will be one of shockingly beautiful women with immense and valuable class who beg and scheme and innovate and claw their way into your bed and in the bursting penetration of your seed secure the profit of your offspring.

That’s how the world works.

Your problem is not your looks or your social grace or your preference for introspection or your physical deformity. Your problem is your attitude, and your despair results from your attachment to your attitude.

Grimly determine to be a billionaire and focus your life with horrific and brutal focus on the cultivation of matchless, stupendous wealth and you will discover, sooner than you thought possible, that your sexual market value will increase as your hypergamic utility to the female rises in natural tandem with your net worth.

Your illusions are pointless, useless, limiting, foolish, stupid and contemptible.

Worst of all are illusions of limitation applied where they neither belong nor are essential determiners of outcome.

Self pity is an excuse.

Rage at denial is impotent.

Rage is nothing more than passion.

Passion can be harnessed.

Detach from your rage. Understand the infinite potential of alternate approaches to the explosive success of ultimate vision. Tumble and turn your options. Ruthlessly take the face of your inner child and grimly instruct it in truth.

Brutal honesty in the pursuit of life is the illimitable and majestic Way.

Where a door is closed another opens.


Strive for constant achievement of traction.

Understand this. Study this. Absorb and reflect and internalize and embody.

Enslave your rage to definitively determinable steps of action. If you seek wealth, accept and itemize and pursue the risks that it lies within. If you seek beauty and the satisfaction of writhing sexual urges, understand the incarnations of the female and develop those things which inevitably attract their interest.

If you seek physical power and strength, turn your contempt and disgust at your own cruelly itemized shortcomings and brutally annihilate them in physical refutation.

You will find that your power and confidence and entire world changes with each clang of the iron back on the racks while the sweat of agonizing, barrier-smashing ferocity drips from your brow and your blood pounds with throbbing pain in your limbs.

It is in the acceptance of mortality and rejection of pity that power is built.

You are going to die.

You do not have much time.

Each second of self pity is raising your rectum to the spear of death.

Do not slop and splash in the gross and fetid mud of your own tears and filth.

Stand with unbowed and glorious pride in your survival, endurance and determination.

That is the nature of masculine power.

Take the spear in the chest. Face the rifles with no blindfold. Know what must be done and do it.

The Dark Triad Man does not fear the rifles or the spear.

To engage in mortal combat with your adversaries, your circumstances and yourself is the exalted privilege and prerogative of masculinity. To conquer, to achieve victory, to stand howling with glory and your fists in the skies is your highest natural self.

That is your birthright.

It is manhood.


Enslave your rage and win manhood.

In this process of identifying your vision and dissecting and defining your disappointment, despair and rage with icy psychopathic deliberation you will find the crucible within which the self is immolated and forged anew from child to adult and from boy to man.

It is the process of hammering your maturity into being with a deep and pitiless resolve to discard the childish and whining illusions of unearned and unentitled privilege.

No one owes you.

No one owns you.

Within that broiling ferocity of the dark world there is both utter demand for performance and infinite unleashing of potential. You must strive to understand that you are completely responsible for your own outcomes and there is no forgiveness for failure, no forbearance of consequence and never the grace of mercy from its savage inhabitants.

The demand that life be fair is unsurpassingly stupid and derailing.

It has never been fair, nor will it ever be.

Thrones are not stumbled over and inhabited because there is nowhere else to sit. Thrones are seized. Thrones are seized by men with great and transcendent ambition, supported by cold and brutal assessments and plans.

Thrones are seized in the fists of men who do not accept failure in their heart or mind or action.

There cannot be self pity.

There cannot be slothful frailty.

There cannot be unmotivated despair.

Understand the nature of motivation. Strive to turn any hint of envy, resentment or complaint into planning, striving and achieving. Within that transformation, within that continuous and consistent demand that your rage be enslaved as a tool of your will is the achievement of vision, satiety of desire and the satisfaction of manhood that you seek.

And in that enslavement, you find traction.

With traction you have leverage.

With leverage you can move the world.


The decision to stride and conquer is yours.

For each living man there are times when he feels lost, despairing, unheard, unsuccessful and within those defeated and destructive spirals he spins and falls with a growing scream of resentful fury. That fury and rage is either consuming or constructive.

You are a man. You will arrive at those moments.

If you do not, you have no vision, no purpose and no point.

For engagement in the dark world is never absolute in success and there is never an absence of failure. All things fail and die, and each effort is hobbled and each outcome is thwarted to one degree or another.

Rage in response to your failures is useless and gratuitous posturing unless treated as explosive fuel to be shaped and detonated with focus and deployed as a motive, channeled drive that forces you ahead.


Enslave your rage and turn it to survival and purpose.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I do not have pity for you. Your own pity for yourself is worthless .

I do not support your entitlement. Your own belief in your entitlement is absurd.

The brutally honest truth is that you will either stand or die.

You will either walk or squat in the emotional feces of your own illusory limits.

The dark world has no time for you.

You have limited time in the dark world.

Use the most brutal tools available.

Stand up. Enslave your rage.

Drive yourself forward in the world and be a part of our work.

Master yourself, and crown your achievements with pride.

Life is best experienced from the throne.

Seize yours.


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