Donald Trump The Dark Triad Man

Donald Trump The Dark Triad Man

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The next American President is a Dark Triad Man.

The enemies of America tremble with knowledge that their days of play are over. Trump’s immortal narcissism, Machiavellian negotiation skills and ruthless, competent psychopathy approach the ultimate throne of global power. He moves to seize the White House with unstoppable, hurtling momentum.

This is the way of the Dark Triad Man.

In Trump’s popular rise to ultimate power we see the lessons of his ferocious talent and a secure future for an American nation faced with the fall of Western civilization into a pit of multicultural collapse.

The howling legions of the Islamic State advance with explosive, murderous fire in their rapacious spread across the dark world and the rage of the American people grows at the absence of a strong and hardened leader to steer the ship of state through the coming storm.


Donald Trump offers that leadership.

He embodies that strong and hardened mindset. He exhibits the dark triad personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

And in those traits he displays the limitless value, seductive enthrallment and driven outcomes of the most visionary savant, the most brilliant architect and the most icily competent executive that exists in the dark world.

Donald Trump is a Dark Triad Man.

He is the kind of man who is demanded by the needs of a nation faced with existential crisis and infectious, brutal military threats from severe and horrifying enemies. The natural ferocity of the United States must be unleashed by a leader with strong capacities.

The ferocity of the American nation at war is terrifying and legendary thing.

The hideous frustration of a noble warhorse tied by rainbow ribbons to a decaying donkey cart while the battle for the world rages is a mortally degrading sight.

It will take a man of overriding vision, grim and competent skill and the intuitive mastery of brilliant executive action to recover the awkward and bitterly unnecessary capsizing of the American vessel in the turbulent waves of the 21st century.

Barack Obama is an utter and mocking failure of empty narcissism. His incompetent power and wobbling uncertainty are neither nuanced nor intelligent.

The predictable and horrifying results of his spoiled and ridiculous tenure are apparent in the crash of alliances, the contempt of enemies and the unchecked resurgence of the Islamic Caliphate in the face of his weak and hesitant sloth.

It is time for a Dark Triad Man to seize the reins and ride not a trembling foolish mare, but a thundering stallion of American power through the roaring battlefields of colliding civilizations.

Let us examine the lessons that Trump delivers so flawlessly.


Trump’s overwhelming narcissism is utterly world-class.

Giant buildings of gold soaring into the glittering sky. A multitude of cities with extravagant resorts all bearing his name, and that name wholly synonymous with wealth, power and ostentatious quality.

Fast, dynamic and ultra-confident Twitter messages streaming to millions of followers. A consistent, driven theme of successful internal dialogue that adheres to a singular message of total belief in the self.


“Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser.”


Donald Trump has mastered the way of achievement narcissism, where his belief in himself and his vision of his attained success is not limited by the casual, typical excuses and fears that limit and hobble the average man of mediocre delivery and achievement. This world-class ego and narcissistic trait is matched by an equally world-class presentation of actual outcomes.

When a man of boundless ego has equally boundless achievement his narcissism is not disordered but a valid and accurate internal posture of power.


“Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich.”


On the surface, that is an incredibly narcissistic statement. Donald Trump’s net worth is very conservatively estimated to be north of $4.5 billion. That fulfills, by any stretch of the imagination, his assertion that he is “very rich”. To argue otherwise is the ridiculous and hairsplitting idiocy of the fool.

The attractive draw of Donald Trump is unarguably based in large part upon his wealth. The cachet of the billionaire; the incredible interior of his estate in Florida; and the consistent references to his net worth are all hooks upon which both public and pundits hang their attention.

His narcissism is matched by his achievement. This is illimitably important.

To the extent a man’s achievement fails to keep pace with his grandness of vision, that man’s narcissism is an illusion instead of a correct and righteous marriage of grand vision and equally huge delivery.

Donald Trump clearly and unarguably demonstrates both.

He repeatedly exudes them in vast and copious quantity.

He radiates the highest state of narcissism of the Dark Triad Man.


Trump’s brilliant Machiavellian negotiation skill is renowned.

His 1987 book “Art of the Deal” is one of the best selling business books of all time, reaching the coveted #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List and holding a place there for 51 consecutive weeks.

His ability to secure incredible concessions in business deals is legendary, such as pressuring New York City to grant its first-ever tax abatement during his acquisition of the Commodore Hotel. That tax abatement was good for forty years, an impressive and singular achievement accompanied by the commitment of $70 million worth of mortgages to the surrounding area. Now the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Trump sold his interest in it twenty years later for $142 million.

Trump’s manipulation of public perception and his ability to prong his adversaries into discomfort led to the redevelopment of Wollman Rink in Manhattan’s Central Park after the city spent $12 million and failed. Not only did Trump then complete the renovation under budget and ahead of schedule – he also made a profit in the first six months of $500,000 from $1.5 million in receipts.

Most recently his rapid and extraordinarily brilliant rise to the top of the Republican contenders for nomination in the 2016 presidential election has mystified pundits, exposed the calcified and narrow-minded obstinacy of political theologians, and demonstrated his ability to force his adversaries to do his work for him.

Trump has spent only a fraction of the vast wealth he possesses, and a miniscule amount in comparison to his stuttering and failing rivals. By contrast, the “anointed” establishment candidate Jeb Bush has burned through more than $50 million and is now polling in single digits.

Trump teases the media with grand, provocative pronouncements that earn him furious and uninterrupted coverage, whining and desperate denunciations from his opponents, and vindication in the end when his seemingly careless but carefully selected statements prove not merely correct, but fundamentally captivating to the voters.

The ability to make stunningly successful use of his enemies and allies; to draft his unwilling adversaries into nonetheless driving his success for him; and to establish his prominence of place through brilliant, graceful maneuvering is the hallmark of the Machiavellian.


“It’s always good to do things nice and complicated so that nobody can figure it out.”


Donald Trump delivers the very best example of Machiavellian skill.

His enemies tumble and turn in ridiculous and impotent rage.

Every act of theirs is turned to his service with the skill of the Dark Triad Man.



Trump’s psychopathic competence drives superb executive results.

Above all, Donald Trump demonstrates a tremendously powerful example of executive competence. This competence presents as an understanding of boundaries, the rejection of social mores in preference for driven outcomes, and a ruthless prosecution of his vision with obsessive and coordinated intelligence. He does not waste his time with the useless.


“I have an attention span that’s as long as it has to be.”


His ruthless demand for total competence is well known to the world through his television show “The Apprentice” and the now classic phrase, “you’re fired.” The willingness to instantly and permanently discard those who bear insufficient utility is classic psychopathic assessment.

His unflinching insistence on the cold and dispassionate observance of reality is yet another aspect of the mind of the detached and effective psychopath, for whom attachment to illusion is a foolish and contemptible path:


“I can never apologize for the truth.”


His clear and unfiltered perspective is combined with a simple yet profound commitment to throwing away the scabbard and striding forth into conflict with unlimited determination to extract victory from each engagement he encounters:


“I’ll do what I have to do.”


The combination of psychopathic competence and drive is also blended with his deep understanding of the nature of true power: duality in the light and the dark, detachment from the center, and ability to operate from either realm as dictated by the moment:


“I can be a killer and a nice guy. You have to be everything. You have to be strong. You have to be sweet. You have to be ruthless. And I don’t think any of it can be learned. Either you have it or you don’t.”


He exemplifies the utter detachment of the realist, combined with the total engagement of the committed, and combined into the singularity of psychopathic excellence that acknowledges no limitations or boundaries and attains outcomes far beyond the capacity of the mediocre, the envious or the slothful untalented weak.

Donald Trump displays the absolute zero of total detachment.

His considered and deliberate application of detachment is sublime.

He exemplifies the the absolute competence of the Dark Triad Man


The future of both America and Western Civilization is at stake.

Today the nations of Europe are under siege by invading waves of Islamic immigrants that befoul the cultural distinctiveness of the welcoming nations into frighteningly violent no-go zones where even their sworn officers cannot go and where sharia law has begun its creeping dominance.

Each year thousands of cars are burned in Paris by mobs of Middle Eastern youth. Each year thousands of Swedish women are cruelly raped and their society does nothing to stem their surrender to the tribal viciousness of domestic jihad.

They are more worried about the weather than their own imminent death.

Today the United States is trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt and the diplomatic and economic negotiators of the nation are failed, conceding and manipulated fools who dance on the puppet strings of incredulous enemies who are astounded at the self-imposed emasculation of American power.

Each year American might is subordinated and degraded and mortified with ridiculous and contemptibly laughable social experimentation, designed not to protect the nation by prominent, lethal military capacity but to make pretty pictures for ideologues more concerned with their fairy tales of idiocy than the survival of their nation and culture.

It will take more than an establishment candidate to right the careening crash of America.

It will take more than a politically correct and apologizing politician to prevent the collapse of the West.

It will take a Dark Triad Man.

Today one stands at the brink of near absolute power. He stands there with grand and explicit vision, a lifetime of demonstrated brilliance in complex and challenging negotiations, and the ruthless, unstoppable competence of the psychopath.

The dark world demands nothing less.

Its tide rolls in with deeper and heavier swells, and the human race can feel it.

There are no others with the courage to explode stupidity and roar through.

Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States.

And there will be a reckoning with the aghast enemies of the West.


What is Trump like up close?

I was there, ten feet from him, and I dissected what I saw.

Read my observations on the powerful man of the century:

10 Feet And 100 Days From Trump.


Understand where strong men lead the new age.

The world is changing. The obtuse, hubristic idiocy of the progressive collective is cracking and tottering in the face of a renewed spirit of power, accomplishment and devotion to the values of the West.

Be a part of the resurgence of the values of achievement, determination and rational, competent power.

Join the work of the men who today dig the trenches, throw up the redoubts, and prepare the West to face the pivotal clash of civilizations that has arrived, here, in our very lifetime.

Hail your brothers on the fields of the dark world and stride with us into the arena of power.

Hold fast to your blade, and tighten grip on your steel.

The throne is about to tremble.


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