How To Fight Like A Psychopath

How To Fight Like A Psychopath

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When your life is at stake you must fight like a psychopath.

In mortal struggle with a determined and deadly adversary your ability to slip the bonds of normal sanity and move to a place of boundless, psychopathic resourcefulness is key to remaining alive and extracting your survival from impossible odds.

The psychopath has no boundaries. The psychopath has no limitations. The psychopath does not hesitate, does not tremble, does not stay his hand when survival is at stake and prosecutes the contest with swift and terrible ruthlessness.

That is the way of the Dark Triad Man.


Psychopathy is important to understand.

The image of crazed, violent and sadistic cunning is the popular image of the psychopath. Useful for successful marketing of television shows and films, it is also inaccurate and unhelpful when contemplating and training for your survival in deadly combat.

Psychopathy is the absence of boundaries. It means that the psychopath operates completely from an internal locus of control, unhampered by the constraints of external moral judgments, legal strictures, social conventions or cultural imperatives. There is no shackle of outside power operating on the mind, heart and act of the psychopath.

Within the heart of the psychopath there is only purpose. In the mind of the psychopath there is no illusion. In the action of the psychopath there is the icy coldness of the ultimate realist, the inexorable and remorseless exertion of power.

The picture that is painted is not one of sympathetic, kind or compassionate nature. In cases where the psychopath does not also possess cultivated Machiavellian skill and narcissistic purpose of achievement, this infinite ruthlessness becomes rudderless and self-destructive.

The Dark Triad Man is defined by the three personality traits of the dark triad.

His cold ruthlessness is bottomless and unstoppable.

His brilliant determinations of utility are subtle and matchless.

His grand and ultimate vision is carved in diamond clarity.

And he fights for his life with grave and unstoppable ferocity.


Key skills you need to fight like a psychopath.

The Way requires scholarship and deep training.

As part of the cultivation of the Dark Triad Man for success and achievement in the dark world, he focuses his physical survival skills on three specific and critical areas of development that ground and equip his psychopathy:

1. Hard, practiced capability.

2. Brutal, realistic perspective.

3. Consistent, deadly posture.

In these three areas his engine of dark competence finds a home to drive and steer the momentum of survival. We will define, dissect and deploy these irreplaceable parts that equip you with the capacity to fight like a psychopath.

Let us begin.


Hard, practiced capability.

There is no substitute for a minimum level of skill at engaging and surviving deadly combat. It may be as limited as an old woman in a wheelchair who practices firing an ancient revolver once or twice a year, or it may be as routine and exhausting as a special forces operator who makes his living through the delivery of professional, lethal, and very personal military force.

Regardless of where you find yourself on the spectrum of trained and practiced capability, there is no excuse for failure to develop at least rudimentary skill in physical survival when faced with a human adversary bearing deadly intent.

The dark world is heartless and there are no handicaps imposed on predators. When you find yourself in a situation where you must fight for your life there will be no allowances made for spastic, badly coordinated incompetence. You will need to call upon trained skill as well as ruthless spirit and cold analysis.

You must learn to deliver blows with your hands and feet. You must train to strike hard with your elbows and knees, to claw with your hands. You must practice hitting targets with sticks, cutting targets with blades, and throwing things quick and accurately.

You must become familiar with the way it feels to be in physical contest with another human being. The experience of pain and impact, the shock of the wind burst from your ribs and the jarring crack of bone upon bone are sources of endurance and power.

There is no substitute for a grim familiarity with pain and the inflicting of it.

To fight like a psychopath you must know how to fight.

Follow the guidelines in my 3 Steps to Gladiator Power and begin your learning.

Your entire life is preparation for any fight for survival. Do not leave that survival to chance. Survival is the first of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man and he does not violate it through absent preparation.

Train ceaselessly. Understand not just theory but application. Become not a dabbler but a practitioner, and in your development of expertise comes the ruthless and immediate competence of the skilled.

From the pushing of physical limits comes the cultivation of physical power. Whether it is your cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength, build it. Run stadium steps until your body is burning and shaking. Perform squats and deadlifts until you are shaking and prostrate on the ground. If you are disabled or sick or unable to put your body through workouts you are not excused.

You will find a way to train. You will find a way to practice. You will find a way to build the sure and certain confidence that comes from having developed a real and dependable skill, and you will keep that skill polished and ready.

And you will marry it to brutal realism.


Brutal, realistic perspective.

The single most deadly limitation and mistake that causes the death of those faced with mortal situations is the calcifying and crippling presence of normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is the false reassurance that takes place in the mind that things are not as bad as they are. That the growth of the waves against the boat will subside and there is no risk of sinking. That the man walking towards you can’t possibly mean harm and the radiating danger screaming forth from your gut is a silly and exaggerated act of profiling.

The subconscious refusal to accept mortal danger is a hard and terrible limitation against your probability of survival. The correct perspective of a  man who would learn to fight like a psychopath is complete and radical acceptance of the realities of the dark world and the inevitable crest of its waves of risk.

When deadly threat appears it is foolish and delivers fatal consequence to insist that the threat prove itself. The psychopath does not have boundaries and thus does not expect or rely upon the boundaries of others, especially where survival is at hand. One does not question a lion as it stalks closer with clear intent to kill. One does not argue with the evidence that the terrible, tawny beast of ferocity presents a danger.

Humans kill lions all the time. Humans are the apex predator of the dark world, and the most subtle and surprising beasts of prey one can encounter. The man who has developed the ability to fight like a psychopath is acutely aware of this capacity from his fellow creatures.

To fight like a psychopath you must discard your silly and fatal illusions of rules.

There are no referees in your fight for survival.

There are no yellow flags thrown or timeouts to take advantage of.

You must accept without outrage or indignation that another man plans to take your life and destroy your existence. There cannot be hope of pity or expectation of gentleness or wish for his forbearance. You must accept the dark world as it is.

The veil of civilization is merely a false and facetious veneer over the savage and horrid rapacity of the apex predator as it bears down upon you, howling for your blood and murder. This veil must be pulled back, unstrung, and abandoned.

Recognition of this brutal and predatorial nature of our species and the lengths to which men will go is a mandatory understanding for those who wish to live. The adoption of a brutal and realistic mindset means to reduce surprise, to be aware of risks, and to see things with the icy assessment of the psychopath.

Your training and mindset will cause you to adopt a deadly posture of readiness.


Consistent, deadly posture.

Posture is a powerful, important word with deep and significant meaning. It does not merely refer to the set of a man’s shoulders, the straightness of his back or the military erectness of his carriage. The posture of an animal is a pure and unfiltered expression of its mental, emotional and physical coherence. This coherence ranges from awkward, uncoordinated and anxious displays of the tactically disjointed to the lethal, savage grace of the prowling lion.

A coherent posture of awareness, preparation and power is essential to the ability to instantly and readily move smoothly into violent and successful self-preservation. The hallmark of a man who knows how to fight like a psychopath is his unhesitating and explosive entry into swift and devastating motion without gratuitous windup or visible preparation.

Such explosive and unexpected movement is not possible without a consistent and well-presented embodiment of correct posture. This correct posture is comfortable, balanced and unhindered by careless limbs, slumped laziness or stiff, forced positioning of his perception, purpose and power. It is the continuous, icy assessment of your environment without drama or exhibition of attitude. It is a pure, absorbing intake of your perception without coloring or shading of information.

In this purity of correct and appropriate mind and heart the man who has learned how to fight like a psychopath finds himself assuming a natural posture of readiness, capability, and quiet competence that radiates from his core.

This posture of competence presents as calm and serious confidence to the untrained.

It is immediately and instantly recognizable by other men of psychopathic power.

And in that recognition of competence comes vastly increased risk.

This radiation of dangerous skill is well understood by those who have grown up in bad neighborhoods; who have military experience with the infliction of death; and who spend their lives assessing threats and responding to them.

It is the sudden triggering of your awareness and attention by the way a man casually bends over his child, and then you spot the tattoo of a winged parachute on his forearm. It is your scanning of a restaurant as you enter, and the silent and instant lock of your eye upon those of another man who recognizes your subtle environmental assessment and watched your movements with dispassionate interest.

The most evolved state in learning how to fight like a psychopath is in your ability to conceal it.

When men of equal competence and threat do not notice your presence, you have attained it.

You will travel unrecognized by the dangerous. Concealment is the second of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man and displays of inherent power are gratuitous when unintended and they are preventable risks to your own survival.

Pass by in silence and darkness.

The dark world allows it.


Develop the terrifying power to fight like a psychopath.

There is no purpose of drama, thrill or ostentatious display in the deadly serious intent of the psychopath who seeks survival. There is no attempt to present a grandiose spectacle or a shocking allure of capacity.

A psychopath fights and is done.

There is no visual choreography conducted for the amazement of viewers. There is no fabulous, glistening action star with catlike screams of intention. The psychopath is silent, swift, and ruthless and exists as the embodiment of ferocity without ego.

In the murderous fight for survival there is no self.

There is only the will to live.

You may be faced with appalling and overwhelming odds. You may be absent gear or tools and left with nothing but your hands and feet, and outclassed and outnumbered by adversaries of grim and forbidding intent.

The way through is the way out.

Devolve to the psychopathic base of survival.

Unleash the unfettered power of your practiced skill. Cut with a cold and dispassionate, ruthless eye. Move with the infinite freedom of the immovable spirit. Telegraph nothing of your purpose or power, for your throne is forever the prey of others.


Get moving on your personal development.

The oncoming tide of the dark world does not pause. You must fight like a psychopath to survive it.

Guard your throne of survival. Get trained, and take your training to the limit.

With training, you may yet stand amid the fallen at the end.


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