Kicking Addiction With Dark Triad Man

Kicking Addiction With Dark Triad Man

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If you are spiraling into death, let’s kick it. Right now.

Kicking addiction is horrible and hard. There is no avoiding that.

But we are going to do it together. And you are going to get clean.

You will let go of your bitter and frightened clutch upon the grinning, evil goblin of drugs and alcohol. We will cut through the sanctimonious condescension of therapy. I will show you an alternative to the dreary, time wasting process of sitting at a table with dozens of sick people hopelessly repeating a defeatist mantra of noxious self-pity.

We are going to give you a road map, right now, for moving directly into a new life.

You will shed your addiction and you will stare it down with eyes of sober fire.

You will crush it beneath the cruel and permanent heel of your grim and terrible determination.

You will grab your own power by the throat and you will put it to the service of your life’s vision, your dearest mission and the shimmering, glowing goals of a life that you have neglected and abused and mistreated.

You will be clean. And you will forge a forward directed life of power.


The problem with miserable twelve step programs.

Alcoholics Anonymous and its multitude of rebranded spinoffs are endlessly proselytizing and advocating their programs as a solution to various chemical dependencies. For the average common man of uncertain will, mediocre ambition and cheap vision they are fine.

Useful, even helpful, in providing a framework for understanding how to cut into and break apart the predictable cycle of drunken, stoned and damaging habit.

It is not for everyone.

A man with ambition to achieve greatness in life will find negative value in the process of declaring helplessness. A man who has an iron determination to transform himself into a strong and terrible power of the dark world will become impatient and frustrated with the emphasis on embracing weakness.

And his vision and dialogue of expanding power will not be welcome, for it will strike fear in the trembling hearts of the feeble.


The infuriating condescension of postmodern therapy.

“You are in denial,” the therapist says when you explain that your internal agony has additional roots and sources.

“That is the addiction speaking,” the therapist assures when you explain the grand goals you have in life.

You can see the self-important pleasure the therapist takes with putting another person into a place of subordination. You observe the petty, fleeting smugness that exudes from their crossed legs and belittling air. You know that you are in the presence of a person who does not possess dynamic, ferocious power and that the only arena of battle they ever enter is the safe space of their office.

If you wish to forge yourself into a man of action and power, with raw masculine energy and a dignified, iron character of accomplished manhood you will not find it in the mentoring of a pudgy, limp pseudointellectual with narrow shoulders and soft hands that are unfamiliar with hard and brutal grappling with iron and sweat and the dangers of the dark world.

You will not find it in the platitudes and condescension of a person who has made a career of monetizing their own trembling and tremulous psyche by memorizing dogmatic narratives and gluing them over the hearts of those in pain who desperately seek to change.

You will only find it in the buried heart of power within yourself.


Ruthless mentoring and brutal honesty for the dark world.

I am Ivan Throne. The mentoring I offer you is ruthless. I have no compassion or pity for the squalid and self destructive crash your addiction is creating. My brutal honesty is to your grave and serious benefit.

In the pain my directed brutality provokes you will discover the medicine your bound and shackled manhood requires to crack apart the chains which prevent you from immediate, permanent change.

No therapist will say to you, “I want to see you develop into a ferocious titan of unstoppable masculine power.” That is not their goal. Their goal is to bring you to a place of health just below their own neurotic wobbling and rack up billable hours from your cultivated dependence.

My goal is to hand you hard and brutal tools to carve through your own stupidity and weakness.

No twelve step group will welcome you in and announce that you will leave with an exultant awareness of your own capacity. They will not assure you of obtaining an unstoppable drive to crash against the barriers of your own limitations. That is not their goal. Their goal is to not be alone in the unhappy frozen dialogue of their fear and to validate their fears together.

My goal is to teach you to stand alone and to roar your engine of motive power into success.

Let us begin.


There are three savagely simple components in kicking addiction.

Everything else is designed to support these three crushingly difficult tasks. Each part of the various programs and systems and theories and roadmaps to controlling or ending or substituting one habit or addiction for another is merely a wasteful layering upon them.

Do not waste hour after hour after hour of pointless therapy or thousands upon thousands of dollars if you are able to approach your responsibility directly and without unnecessary frameworks. There are only three necessary things:

1. You must stop.

2. You must replace.

3. You must drive.


Stop. Throw out and destroy all of your substances this instant.

Get up from your desk or couch or coffeeshop table and throw every single cigarette, blunt, bag of grass, twist tie of powder or foil packet immediately. Flush them. Smash your pipes and junk the shards. Stomp on your water pipe and shatter it into useless trash. The act of cruel and utter rejection is the first step.

You will never purchase or hold or handle them again.

There is no negotiation. There is no return to the maybe and what-if and “I’ll quit Monday” that is the hallmark of the undecided, the uncommitted, the person who does not mean what he says and who wretchedly clings to addiction as a permanent rest stop of failure on his highway through the dark world.

You must vow to your darkest self that there is no alternative to the cold, shaking, painful and yammering insanity of withdrawal.

You are capable of it. You are a man and the unstoppable fire of your manhood is not merely within your reach – it is your sacred and imperative birthright. In the rejection of your weakness and crutches and excuses and lies is the source of unlimited and uplifting power that transforms you into a hard thrown spear of personal destiny.


Replace: You must turn craving from foul sloth to titanic ferocity.

Get up from your chair. Drop to the ground. Hammer out as many push-ups as you can until you are shaking and stretched on the floor like a prostrated fool. Get to your feet and feel the trembling of weakness in your arms and hands.

Drop down again. Once more push through physical effort and pain until you are shuddering with failure and unable to drive one more act of exercise from your exhausted body. Then do another, and another, until you collapse.

The weakness and the failure and the pitiful, embarrassing results are the unmistakable consequence of your own abandonment of manhood and power. They are the consequence of scraping away all of your personal discipline and endurance.

You have vomited them out in a haze of smoke , the slosh of alcohol or a poisonous and corroding chemical of death.

You will replace that pissing corrosion with physical discipline. You will learn to respond to craving with a swift, brief and punishing session of immediate physical activity. If you must do push-ups on the floor of a restaurant you will do them. If you must explain afterwards to perturbed fellow diners that you are following a specific program then your silly social discomfort is your own fault.

Better embarrassment than degradation, prison and death.

You have been physically addicted to a chemical substance and a consumption process. Their removal leaves two holes in your personality and life. Those holes are funnels; they are incessant and unsatisfiable black holes of sucking desire that will inexorably drive you to empty despair and a return to addiction without firm replacement of both content and process.

The simplest and most powerful replacement is your own fitness.

Drive yourself through workouts. If you have a gym membership, use it. If you are in poverty and “have nothing” there is always a floor on which you can do push-ups, crunches, leg raises, planks and other bodyweight exercises.

Your days of excuses and nasty, self-mutilating sabotage are over.

The familiar and seductive process of tapping a new cigarette pack against the back of your hand; the skillful rolling of a blunt; the mesmerizing flame beneath the spoon must be displaced and destroyed by a conscious process of driven physical effort.

The pounding of your heart will replace the quickening of addictive anticipation.

The endorphin rush from sudden activity will replace the excitement of approaching intoxication.

The satisfaction of mastered physical self will replace empty reassurance from another humiliating use.


Drive. You must develop hard momentum and direct it remorselessly.

The spiraling process of addiction comes from abandonment of momentum to the lowest common denominator of intoxication. Addicts will go to incredible lengths to satisfy their addiction without care for the damage to wealth, property, position, title, power or relationships it delivers.

The redirection of momentum to a conscious goal in life is critical to kicking addiction. The unforgiving and remorseless direction of the determined and sober man is in stark contrast to the rudderless, brutish and secretive habit of the addict.

You must become a man of purpose.

Purpose is the third of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.

You will return to the heart of purpose.

You will determine the vision of your lifetime. Perhaps it has been abandoned by your gradual and intermittent slide into chemical dependence and destruction. Perhaps you have never fully possessed one and lived as a driftless and aimless corpse.

You will determine your vision. You will arrange that vision. You will create and recognize and exalt that vision, until it is as shiningly clear as the hot and brilliant sun that blasts down from the furnace of the sky.

Your vision will become your purpose.

Your vision will become your reason for living. And you will direct your momentum, every day and every hour, to the achievement of your vision regardless of the cravings or pain or fear that threaten to derail you. You will slough and shake off any lingering weight that impedes and threatens the ferocity of your momentum.

That weight may be friends who continue to chemically self-destruct. It may be a job that prevents you from making strong and ruthless steps forward into the life of achievement and purpose that your inherent worth of manhood demands.

Whatever it is, you will snap its back and drive over it.

And leave it dead and broken behind you.


Welding these three steps together is your tool of power.

In your mastery of these steps you will turn your crippled and slovenly performance into a focused, driving tool. It is simple yet painfully challenging to stop, redirect and move yourself from any addiction, whether it is alcohol or drugs or pornography or the foolish, emotional wallowing of despair.

The difference between the deplorable addict and the man of power is the mastery of self; the commitment to purpose; and the discipline of driving to the destination of brave and terrible vision. It does not take magic, mystery or some secret formula.

It takes you.

And it takes your determination and insistence applied to stopping your addictive conduct. It takes deliberately, consciously and systematically replacing your reactions to triggers and habits of sloth and self-soothing with efforts toward hardening the self.

And it takes driving it all the way through.

Kicking addiction and changing your life through rough mastery of yourself is not easy.

You will rave and curse and you will hate and you will spend sleepless hours howling inside with frustration and pain and rage that you don’t know how to possibly handle without resorting back to a weak and despicable collapse into chemical reassurance.

That is the consequence and the price. And by returning to the three steps you will find your path out of the hell you have built for yourself and everyone around you.

Stop. Redirect. And drive as hard as you can.


Destruction and discarding of your addiction is hard work.

It is not easy and I will not waste your time with gentle words of soothing calm, caressing the fevered forehead of your inner child.

I won’t tell you that you’ll handle it gracefully and with the thoughtful, pleasant reflection of a wise and enlightened philosopher.

You won’t. You’ll hurt, you’ll fling curses at me, and you will feel desperation and terror and feel as if you will die without your humiliating chemical crutch. That’s how it works.

In the crushing of that demon of curdled self; in the walking away from acceptance of poisoned incompetence; you will find space, soon enough, to breathe and reflect and renew even further your commitment to harder, nobler, stronger and more powerful self.

With brutal honesty I tell you that until you have kicked addiction you are a weak and disgusting example of self-emasculated manhood, a whining and addled loser who glories in his own self-imposed toxic annihilation.

It is completely unnecessary.

Kicking addiction is mandatory.

That is the reality of the dark world.


As you read this you have a grave responsibility.

If you are determined to be successful in kicking addiction then start this very instant. There is no substitute for action, there is no honesty or success in “after my last high” or “when the party is over”. Your party ended a long time ago.

Know that on the other side of kicking addiction is a lifetime of accomplished purpose, of cultivated achievement, of cumulative success and reward and all the things that are nothing but a vapid and vacuous fantasy while you are yoked to the grotesque and ridiculous chain of dependency.

You must do this yourself. Not one human being in the world can do it for you.

And you would not deserve it even if it were possible.

Success is deserved by those who earn it. Wealth is deserved by those who create it. Beautiful women are deserved by those who have the market value which attracts them. Power is deserved by those who cultivate it.

The cultivation of addiction is despair, destruction and death.

Get out of the cycle. Master yourself.

Take total and utterly unforgiving responsibility for your outcomes.

Be a psychopath of ruthless cruelty towards the inner whine of dependence.


Start living clean today.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

With brutal honesty I tell you that you are the final steward of your own life.

Shape up. Throw your addiction to the curb and crush it into the past. You have the blazing power within you of determining the future of your outcomes. Your prerogative of power and success do not belong in the bottom of a bottle, the drifting smoke of waste or the soporific, stupid habits of the addicted and disgusting creature of sloth, greed and failure.

You must take the handle of the hammer and forge your sobriety.

It is in sobriety you will find the road of wealth and power.

The throne is not seized by the intoxicated fool.

Drunken kings are gutted at the foot of it.

The sober man rules.


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