The Death Of Tyrants And Gun Control

The Death Of Tyrants And Gun Control

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The death of tyrants is the fear that drives gun control.

This is a simple truth of the dark world.

The history of man is one of incomprehensible atrocities carried out with unimaginable savagery. Brutal and horrific murder on the scale of countless millions is the pastime of tyrants until nothing is left but sorrow and ashes in the place of life and humanity.

These tyrants of history have eternally soaked the ground with the blood of innocents. Their genocides are foul and sadistic things; they are the most gratuitous of man’s cruelties and the most bitter affronts to his values and laws of conduct.

They are also the natural state of man in the dark world.

The death of tyrants is what pauses this cycle.


The reality of tyranny and civil disarmament.

The scholar of history and the keen student of human nature observes that there are no examples of populations that enjoyed peace, prosperity and freedom once disarmed and rendered helpless. The singular truth is that disarmed populations inevitably fall prey to the rancid process of humiliation, degradation and butchery.

Countless examples attest to this.

From today’s berserk rape cages of the Islamic State to more than 100 million murdered in the last century and all the way back to the depredations of the Pharoahs, there is no shortage of demonstrations of how tyrants have stripped skins from human beings, burned them alive, crushed dissent and transformed the lives of human beings into appalling misery and terror on an industrial scale.

Do not ignore the process by which freedom becomes dependence, then constraint, then tyranny, then the appalling mass killing of the unprepared. Do not depend upon the reassurances of those who seek to attain power and hegemony over the lives of men.

Place no weight on the promises of those who swear to protect you when you are helpless. Never forget the rotting bones of the helpless innocent who lie at the bottom of countless killing pits.

The Dark Triad Man studies, and remembers.

Today we see the same process taking place in the West as the rulers of the emerging police states demand the subjugation of their people and the banning and confiscation of their tools of both self preservation and rebellion.

You disarm people so that they cannot stop you from stripping away their rights and freedoms. You disarm people so that they are unable to dissent from your rulership, which by definition eliminates government by consent.

Make no mistake that the purpose of disarming victims is never to enhance their safety or security. It is to enable their murder without effective opposition.

There are countless articles and commentators and pundits who fence and tangle, who tumble and roll the slogans and platitudes of gun control, civilian disarmament, public safety, gun violence epidemics, commonsense restrictions, loopholes, Second Amendment rights and other sophisticated and nuanced and ultimately irrelevant sophistries that dance around and completely avoid the blunt and brutally honest point of lethal, military grade weapons in the hands of civilians.

They are in those hands for one purpose, and one purpose only.

That purpose is cold, unmistakable and ruthless.

It is to enable free men and women to rise up and butcher tyrants with gunfire.

It is rifles in the dark.


Collectivists are haunted by the above example of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Free men have an inherent and sacred right to overthrow and kill the tyrants that brutalize and oppress them. When free men are armed with lethal military grade weapons that right is backed by a dramatic and unstoppable power.

That power is what the politicians who drive the American nation towards scores of trillions of dollars of debt lie awake worrying about, and why they posture and preen and celebrate any opportunistic chance to dance in the blood of the murdered with wailing cries of “we must do something” before the gunfire has even stopped.

That power is what today’s blithering and ridiculous social justice warriors are terrified of. For all their well-publicized concern about rape and so-called “rape culture”, they cynically ignore the most important type of rape as applied to the freedom and dignity of human beings.

“Rape is about power”, they say, “not about sex”.

“It’s about taking someone’s power away from them without their consent.”

Gun control is the very definition of rape.

The Dark Triad Man does not submit to it.


The proper response to attempted rape is the summary delivery of death.

That death is warranted for violent sexual assault upon your person, and it is warranted for the equally violent but more subtle degradation, destruction and decimation of your inherent rights.

Rape is the forced and brutal stripping of power from the outraged. It is the stomping on the rights of those who want no part of your belligerent attempt to dominate. It is the denial of self-determination, the destruction of the right of refusal, the sadistic and gratuitous evil of the hungry rapist.

Rape is exactly what those who seek to disarm you are planning.

It is no wonder that gun control activists are so fixated on sexual terminology and analogies. Their brave new world of collectivist horror is accompanied by unending and sloppily fallacious whines demanding you be disarmed and applying ugly sexual color to your refusal.

The very best response to their incessant and nauseating demands that you accept forced weakness and disarmed helplessness; the healthiest answer to their cry for you to trust their wisdom and pure spirit and the enlightened magisterial nuance of their postmodern vision; is to look them right in the eye and tell them the brutal truth:


“The purpose of lethal military grade weapons in civilian hands is to butcher tyrants with gunfire.”


And simply look them in the eye until they look away.

Never apologize for being free. Never negotiate with a rapist.

Never submit to the promise of the sadist.

The Dark Triad Man knows the inevitable results.


The tides of the dark world includes the death of tyrants.

Once more those tides lap at the shores of a civilization brought to tottering and unstable stupidity through the crass and unchecked idiocy of pointless, silly ideologies that have no ability to sustain themselves once the bloody sword of the conqueror cuts through the absurd and putrid foolishness of their self-imposed cultural emasculation.

Today the Islamic State and its holy fanatic warriors explode and murder and massacre with vicious and calculating ferocity across the spinning world. Legions of howling madmen swear bay’at oaths of allegiance to the Caliph in Raqqa and seize lands and thrones and crucify and behead and burn and rape to death the innocent human beings who stand in their way.

Those rapacious monsters and their masters want you disarmed.

Today the political leaders of the West insist that you accept hundreds of thousands of military age males from the lands of the resurgent Caliphate and proclaim that you are backwards and bigoted and hateful for your obvious and rational fear that they bring the death and murder of jihad to your homes and towns and communities.

These political leaders insist that men are women and women are men; that little Johnny tucking his penis between his legs and taking estrogen shots before actual physical castration is a “brave” and “couragous” activity, yet to oppose those who actively seek the death of your culture and declare enmity of your civilization is “hateful”.

They also want you disarmed.


Never submit to the depredations of tyrants.

Today, up is down and down is up; the ridiculous is the sublime and the utterly stupid is protocol. The last several Presidents of the United States of America have been vapid and vacuous fools who drool from your television about “workplace violence” and offers the rotten cookies and spoiled milk of reassurance to an agonized and enraged nation subjected to deliberate and sadistic attacks of war on the noncombatants of your people.

On this day, December 7th, 2015 the contrast between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Hussein Obama could not be more vivid and stark. The West is teetering on the edge of apocalyptic crash, and a silly naked emperor fiddles with listless madness on the precipice.

But within all this absurdity and banter and nonsensical idiocy surrounding you and infuriating you at this unnecessary crash of the West, one thing remains true.

Tyrants butchered with gunfire are dead. And their ideological horrors die with them.

The death of tyrants is what they risk as they attempt to seize total power. They cannot attain that total power while men have the capacity to oppose them. Thus you must be disarmed, and thus they must ceaselessly strive to convince you to let go of and abandon your natural power. It is subtler and more insidious than going door to door and racking up thousands of deaths and failing in the end with their hideous and putrid goals.

It is always easier when your target agrees to lose to you on purpose.

The Dark Triad Man does not lose on purpose.

He does not surrender to the sadist, the monster, the idiot.

Your birthright as a human being is your freedom. The freedom to pray to the God of your conscience, the freedom to speak your mind without fear or hold your tongue despite the demands of the State. To be secure in your person, and to retain the sacred power to butcher tyrants with gunfire of your own.

Hold that sacred power dear.

Never disarm and abandon your throne of freedom to ruins.

Look the tyrant in the eye and stare them down.

They will see the grim and terrible determination of free men.


“Live free, or die.”


Those words of Maj. General John Stark of the Continental Army of the American Revolution are well known. Less well known are the ending words of his salute, which are the powerful and immortal watchword of the free:


“Death is not the worst of evils.”



Living as a slave of the raping tyrant is unacceptable.

Embrace your right of self-determination. Refuse to allow your civilization and culture to be turned into a rape cage with borders instead of bars. Understand the hard and horrible consequences of yielding your human power to the tyrant.

The sixth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is freedom.

Keep yours alive.

It is your highest throne.


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