How To Control The Seven Deadly Sins

How To Control The Seven Deadly Sins

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The seven deadly sins are a bottomless source of power.

Human beings are predictable and repetitive social animals. They also, at a fundamental level, subject to certain pervasive errors in psychic posture. It matters not the race, culture, education, social status or experience any particular person embodies; they forever remain a member of our species and are permanently subject to its inherent traits and aspects. Among those unavoidable aspects of the human being are serious and derailing flaws.

Several of those flaws have been codified into what some Christian denominations, especially the Catholic Church, refer to as the cardinal sins.

Man being the fallen creature that he is, the rise of these cardinal frames of psyche within each human inhabitant of the dark world is a foregone expectation.There are no exceptions to this truth. All human beings fall into the involuntary deployment of these potentially fatal excitements.


Naming the sins according to tradition.

The seven deadly sins are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

Each enthralling one can be tamed, harnessed, whipped and ridden into an explosion of tantalizing power.

That is the way of the Dark Triad Man.

He does not bemoan and weep over his human flaws. He uses each crevice in his character as a wedge for the next climbing spike of achievement and power. He does not spiral and twirl in the useless and unattractive bath of internal guilt that marks the powerless and the weak. He knows with enlightened experience that a mastered and aggressive focus of competence, achievement and skill can bring these flaws to fruition as roots of great and illimitable success.

In this post I will demonstrate how each of these seven deadly sins can be transformed into powerful, deep and dangerous resources for you in the dark world. We will look at very specific kinds of competence, dialogue and skill.

That skill is Machiavellianism.

The internal dialogue is narcissism.

And the competence arises from psychopathy.

These three are the dark triad personality traits that form the basis of the Dark Triad Man. And we will dissect each cardinal sin and examine how they are drafted into your subjugated service through the application of one of these traits.

You are going to commit these sins. That cannot be avoided or prevented.

There will be times when you fall prey to lust. There will be times when your sloth infects your work and home and you lie there in envy and wrath, filled with the resentment of unappeased pride and your greed to have success beyond your worth is merely a small part of your gluttonous attitude of entitlement.

That is a destructive, comprehensive and familiar picture.

It is a normal experience.

It is also unnecessary. Once recognized, a cardinal sin can be turned into great power. It can be redirected by the practitioner, reshaped by the scholar, and put into ferocious use as a brutally effective asset by the Dark Triad Man.

He recognizes the opportunity that each represents.

He exploits those opportunities and climbs one step higher, claws one step forward, and launches hard from his improved platform of cold assessment.

That is what I will teach you to do.

Let us begin.


Lust is controlled by psychopathy.

Lust does not only refer to sexual desire, although that is how it is commonly understood. Lust involves uncontrolled, obsessive desire. This driving desire can be for sexual action, it can be for wealth, it can be for food or power or adulation from the public.

Lust is a deep, rapacious frame. Its obsessive nature hooks and spirals the unaware and the unprepared into a habitual cycle of repetitious pursuit of gratification. This gratification is sought to such extent that it can, over time, even subordinate the chemical activity of the body and engrave curdled pathways in the brain. That is, of course, the process of addiction.

Lust unchecked causes spiraling into compulsion, addiction and neglect of other aspects of life.

The Dark Triad Man controls lust with psychopathy.

He does so with cold, detached and unsympathetic self-regard.

The controlling of lust is ultimately a disciplining of hunger. When the body is craving and then desperately in need of nutritional sustenance, it begins to nudge and then command and finally enrage with desire for food. The ability to coldly detach from your starvation is a psychopathic action of empty coldness and observation towards the clamorous urge of the stomach.

In the most extreme cases, such as in a concentration or prisoner of war encampment, there simply may be no food available. One may not even have the opportunity to scavenge for it, or to beg for it from unfeeling and unsympathetic armed guards who seek any reason to exact punishment, inflict sadism or take murderous and petty revenge for imagined slights against their authority.

In these cases a ruthless and unflinching detachment is necessary. Breathing does, after all, take precedence over eating. And while one may starve to death unwillingly, the survival of a starvation situation requires the cold, unaffected, calm and stabilized attitude of the psychopath.

And so it is with lust.

When your want is overreaching; when your  desire is uncontrolled; when your lust rages out of control and threatens the progress of your power, wealth, position and achievement – return to the cold center of observant and frigidly assessing self.

Return to psychopathy. Do not feel. Look upon your lust as a gratuitous and boisterous anxiety.

Cease to care. Turn off value. Look upon your desire as less useful than your presence of mind and purpose.

Quit cold turkey. Stop.

Once controlled, that lust becomes a subordinated, thrashing and insatiable inner force that can be unleashed to deliberate degree and consciously permitted by the man who has mastered his desires. The dog that quivers and shudders in a stay and down at the sight of a rabbit within his fast dash and rending crush of jaws, does so because his lust is not in charge. He does not stay from fear of punishment or from internal dialogue. He stays because he is mastered. He is under the control of that master, who can unleash him at his chosen prey with a burst of explosive, unstoppable ferocity if he chooses.

The Dark Triad Man is not controlled by lust. He controls it through the renewal of his psychopathic mastery of himself.


Gluttony is controlled by narcissism.

Gluttony is wasteful, uncontrolled consumption. It is when you are already full and you take that fourth slice of pizza. It is when you are at the grocery store and not content with buying one bag of chips, you buy three and know you will eat them all at home. It is the overdoing, the overeating, the ugly process of moving beyond satisfaction, beyond satiation, and into the seam-splitting grotesquery of unnecessary and gratuitous swallowing.

Gluttony is a slovenly, disgusting frame. It intoxicates with a cloying, degrading and cheapening damage to the spirit. The excess and wallowing of gluttony can take place on emotional frames, where one obsesses and cries and exclaims over a lover past the point of sanity and falls in love with being in love.

Gluttony unstopped results in obesity of the body, stupidity of the mind and jaded pointlessness of the heart.

The Dark Triad Man controls gluttony with narcissism.

He does so by adhering to a lean, majestic and elevated vision of himself.

The controlling of gluttony is effected through this return to achievement narcissism. When the petulant and sloppy grabbing hands of gluttony extend themselves towards you, the correct control is to focus attention on the real worth of your endless value. The vision of your future which you hold as the throne does not admit the presence of the fat, the grubby, or the vomitous waves of abandoned dignity that gluttony represents.

In its most extreme cases we hear of individuals who cannot walk, who cannot stand, who must have a wall of their home smashed to the ground and a crane employed to hoist their horrific and contemptible carcass from the rotting mattress on which they spend their days and nights and weeks and years. This form of gluttony is excruciating to see as it represents a malevolent example of utterly discarded self-worth and self-respect.

When encountering this disease of the spirit a proud and unwavering insistence on dignity is the proper control. You know the throne you mean to seize. Thrones are not waddled up to and squatted on with the entitlement of a slob. They are possessed by the lean, the hungry and those who tread with discipline.

And so you must master gluttony.

When you become aware that the whining, soiling and self-immobilizing voice of gluttony is arising in your impulses and behaviors – lay down a rigid and bitter contempt for the disgusting creature that it would turn you into.

Return to narcissism. Embody proud achievement. Turn from the glutinous grasp of this repulsive sickness.

Freeze it. Stare it down.

Once controlled, that gluttony becomes an ever-present warning signal to you of a dissolute and gobbling failure of your frame. In the icy rejection of worthless gluttony, you have established not merely a signpost of vulnerability but a razor wire barrier around yourself, your vision, your purpose and your throne. You have built a wall of frozen arrogance that utterly rejects the wobbly mass of psychic adipose that gluttony would create in you.

The Dark Triad Man is not controlled by gluttony. He controls it through narcissism and its primacy of envisioned self.


Greed is controlled  by Machiavellianism.

Greed is a broad failing of frame. It is the impulse to possess not merely more, but to force others to go without. It is not the simple desire for money. It is the heart of theft and the wish to create scarcity through unnecessary and inappropriate control of resources.

Greed is a stupid, foolish frame. Its frustrated and unsatisfied nature saws away at balance and instills cruelty and misery into the individual. This cruelty and misery are progressive and infectious, for the person who succumbs often enough to greed finds his cruelty plummeting into sadism and his misery spreading through all his encounters.

Greed untempered becomes the bitter and lonely dissatisfaction of the loathsome miser.

The Dark Triad Man controls greed with Machiavellianism.

He does so by withdrawing from the overextension of posture that greed represents.

The controlling of greed lies in understanding the self-endangering nature of this cardinal human flaw. Greed draws attention, it compels questioning of your motives and fosters a terrible and burning resentment in those who must endure the meager leavings of the greedy. The practitioner of Machiavellianism understands the importance of managing the presentation of motives, of balancing appreciation and disappointment, and in the skilled and appropriate gathering of harvests.

Greed has a terrible power to consume and embitter the indivual until they are dwindled and rasped away into the nothingness of hatred for those they haven’t taken enough from. And there is never enough taken. The miser who lies awake in bed worrying that a penny of interest has not been extracted, the king who frets and paces over unextorted peasants, the politician who believes deeply in his shameless heart that even disarmed people are not subjugated enough to his power and he must entangle them with more laws and calcifying regulations are all examples of greed taken too far.

Greed threatens to damage your progress and divert your resources. You must think of your broader objective, your greater purpose, and return to the center of skill with reestablished boundaries that serve your direct utilitarian purpose. Reject the illusionary thinking of  exclusion scarcity and do not fester in the mind and heart at the success of others, for the universe is not a zero sum experience.

You must control your greed before it exposes and derails you.

When you become aware that your own gathering of resources is accompanied by a bitter resentment that others also gather; when you discover that you are engaging in not merely the pursuit of profit, but the systemic denying of profit to others; rein your rapacity in.

Limit it. Make it serve you, not rule you.

Once controlled, greed becomes a ceaselessly striving voice that pushes hard and eagerly against the boundaries of competence, skill and achievement. The great desire for more is a tremendously powerful and dependable motive engine. Properly controlled, that engine is empowered to roar forward without rising to a disordered scream that explodes in a deranged cascade of plans and people.

The Dark Triad Man is not controlled by greed. He controls it with Machiavellian expertise and derives sustained momentum from it.


Sloth is controlled by psychopathy.

Sloth is an insidious slide into chaos. It is the abandonment of purpose, the abrogation of motives. The deadening and entrapping torpor of this disgraceful state is a clear sign of a defeated mind and heart. Its deadliness is a masked and clever one.

Sloth results in a shameful discarding of value and motion, an enthrallment of the self in a morass of careless and procrastinating foolery. It is the acceptance of exhaustion, turned into the promotion of fatigue. This fatigue is rationalized and repeated and inflated until there is nothing left of the proud and striding nature of natural manhood.

Sloth uninterrupted becomes a dirty bath of the wrinkled soul.

The Dark Triad Man controls sloth with psychopathy.

He turns his grim and terrible eye upon himself and asks if he deserves to live.

The cold and remorseless gaze of the psychopath is one of utter detachment and icy assessment of value. It is not warm, it is not forgiving, it is not embracing and reassuring and patronizing with false love and the comfort of the parent. The psychopath in the brutal state of nature gazes at those who do not pull their own weight and asks if their breath holds value.

Sloth is a human trait and its creeping expansion through all aspects of a man’s life is an often difficult process to observe and arrest. Unchecked it becomes an incomprehensible change in personality to others, a depressing transformation of the once proud achiever into an immobilized sot living in filth. Not shaving becomes not grooming, grows into not changing clothes, and extends to the home environment where routine cleaning is abandoned until entry to that home by the healthy produces their distasteful and disgusted reaction.

When you are aware that procrastination and laziness and careless wasting of time are infecting and derailing your progress, apply this frozen stare of the psychopathic frame to your own value. Do you deserve resources? Do you deserve survival? In your negative answers you will find clear targets for the remorseless whipping of self into renewed discipline and indomitable, driven will.

Sloth is an endless sea of entropy that laps at the shore of your character.

In mastering sloth with the emotionless and unforgiving frame of the psychopath you create a sharp and prodding bayonet with which to shock and pain your flagging self into higher step. In the application of painful cruelty to your own torpor you bring the reality of the dark world into collision with your sloth.

The Dark Triad Man does not fall victim to sloth. He prods it with the driving spear of psychopathic mastery and controls it before he succumbs.


Wrath is controlled by Machiavellianism.

Wrath is a terrible and damaging frame. It is an uncontrolled discarding of purpose for the disordered and unmanaged pursuit of revenge. Wrath is the heated assumption of destructive prerogative in response to injury of self and position.

Wrath destroys resources, abandons self-discipline and crashes through both the appropriate and the inappropriate without care for accuracy or impact. It shatters plans and derails purpose in the false pursuit of an imagined balancing of injustice by an infliction of injury and hurt. It is a savagely uncoordinated thing.

Wrath unchecked shatters all around it and halts advancement of purpose.

The Dark Triad Man controls wrath with Machiavellianism.

He treats wrath as a subordinated motive engine to be employed in useful outcomes.

The Machiavellian is often in the position of counsel to the king. The wrath of the king is a terrible image to behold; even in this day of socialist democracies and absurd and tottering edifices of Western civilization’s ridiculous social memes the very expression of “the wrath of the king” triggers ten thousand years of collective human memory and instills the fear of the damned into the heart.

Unchecked and unmastered wrath can topple the kingdom. The dark counselor to the king stays his reaction; informs the planning and deployment of anger and response to injury; and transforms the uncontrolled and rebounding crash of wrath into the cold, focused and immortal spear of vengeance. At the root of kingship is executive management. The foundation of management is bounded, rational and effective response.

When wrath rises in the heart and mind it is crucial to rationally and effectively manage this response. Machiavellianism is all about the establishment and presentation of boundaries in the most utilitarian manner. Acknowledgement of injury does not require instant and unchecked reaction. The correct and masterful control of wrath lies in the settling of decision upon the assessment of its usefulness.

Wrath provides a roaring, frightful power of savage impact. Grimly harness it.

When wrath is coldly and usefully employed it becomes a hard and heavy lance that penetrates barriers and overturns obstacles. It tears with unstoppable brutality through the opposition of the cynical, the complacency of the disrespectful, the carelessness of those who have forgotten the power of the king. The power and weight of this lance of wrath is the aimed and shattering tool of a charging king.

The Dark Triad Man does not flail and damage with uncontrolled wrath. He shapes it into a ringing spear of determined and focused results.


Envy is controlled by narcissism.

Envy is a nasty, spiteful resentment. It is the projection outward of bitterness of self. Envy is a rejected acceptance of one’s own incapacity or lack of wealth, power, position or property. It is the involuntary transformation of the resulting disappointment into an ugly and pointless hatred of those who present examples of higher achievement.

Envy is the failure to accept unsatisfied desire. It is a failure, more importantly, to accept personal responsibility for both that dissatisfaction and a demand for better achievement of desire through greater personal effort. Envy is the external flinging of suffering when the psyche is not strong enough to withstand adoption of this true ownership.

Envy results in bitterness, in a curdled malevolence of heart.

The Dark Triad Man controls envy with narcissism.

He rejects the whining, ugly weakness of envy and demands proud self-determination.

Envy is best controlled by an arrogant reinforcement of deserved possession. It is controlled by a vow to attain the desired treasure through unflagging and ceaseless effort, borne on winds of unstoppable ferocity. The unquenchable belief in the proud and future self of attainment transforms resentment into determination.

Envy left to its own devices spoils the psyche in the way lengthy exposure to heat spoils milk. It results in a putrid self, a rancid character, a foul tasting experience of life and a rejection of deserved achievement for angry unsatisfied entitlement. In the flipping of his envy into determination and his acceptance of lack into endless motivation for possession, the man of expanding self-respect uncovers the path to the throne.

When envy shows its diseased and dissolute face you must control it and push its head down into submission. You must force it to bow to your lordship and silence its whine with the curt and sharp command of patience and resolve. What you desire you shall have, and envy has no place in its attainment.

Envy is your opportunity to once more detonate with power. Exploit it.

When you control envy you inject explosive octane into your engine of motivation. When you control envy you reject your own whining, you reject your own resentments, you demand world-class performance of yourself and you drive stellar achievement by a vow for your own greater outcomes.

The Dark Triad Man controls his envy and thereby fuels himself to seize the thrones of the world. He accepts lack as his own consequence and focuses forward with ferocity.


Pride is controlled by psychopathy.

Pride is the root of all the deadly cardinal sins. It is infinite and empty narcissism, it is unwarranted arrogance, it is the inflation of self through entitlement instead of achievement and is the hubris the precedes the nemesis of utter downfall.

Pride is the fall of Lucifer, the bright star of the morning, into the malevolent and evil singularity of horrific and sadistic evil. It is the the placenta that nourishes all other sins and a birth passage to the wreckage of self devastation and the collapse of empires. It is the most dangerous trap of character that exists.

Pride results in the fall. It stretches forbearance by the universe until snapping consequence.

The Dark Triad Man controls his pride with psychopathy.

He coldly assesses his hubris and where he finds it he puts it mercilessly to death.

Pride is controlled through consequence. Where pride exists it must be separated from the self and banished. Pride is the ultimate overextension of posture, it is the deadliest risk that arises in life and it cannot be mitigated or accepted or tolerated. Pride is the declaration of supremacy without conquering, the raising of the flag in fatal terrain and walking carelessly away. It must be extinguished.

Without this psychopathic detachment and determined grinding out of pride, its fatal frame results in the inevitable toppling of all achievement. Pride unchecked cultivates resentment in others, fosters hatred, and imbues them with terrible determination to destroy you that is backed by the will of Heaven. The nature of the universe itself is to correct hubris and cause the fall of the prideful.

When you encounter your pride you must execute it. The psychopath discards the useless without regret or empathy. The psychopath’s lack of boundaries and his systemic and natural accord with the impersonal and infinite detachment of the universe is put into use as a heavy and descending hand of correction on the prideful rear of the self.

Without the correction of your pride you will engineer your own fall.

This is the way of the dark world. This is the inescapable and unavoidable will of Heaven. This is the natural order of the universe. The nail that sticks up is hammered down; the neck that stretches out is coldly cut through. By controlling his pride through a psychopathic and remorseless cutting away, the man of competence and skill and achievement matches the way of the entire universe.

The Dark Triad Man is as ruthless with himself as he is in his stride through the dark world. He does not hesitate to cut down his own pride into early death.


The seven deadly sins are your furnace of glowing power.

You are a human being. You will exude these seven deadly sins and succumb to each.

You are no exception to the rule.

Your humanity and your inherent fallen nature are not a tale of helpless woe and an excuse for abandonment of accountability for success. Your responsibility to yourself and your progress and the powerful, competent achievement of your desire demands that you study, understand, strive with and master these cardinal frames of failure.

You must turn them utterly from unchecked frames of self-destruction into prodded and harnessed power.

Embark on a journey of savage self discovery.


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Crush the bit into the teeth of these recalcitrant and apocalyptic stallions of compulsive sin. In your taming and domination of them you will find an acceleration of outcomes beyond your imagination.

The Way demands scholarship. It demands ceaseless study of the gathered resources of the dark world and their deployment as a skilled practitioner with consistent and unflagging effort.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that you are a sinful, base and fallen animal. Within that darkness inside you is the infinite power of the dark world. You must become the utter master of yourself.

Dive into the bottomless rabbit hole of psyche. Grapple with your failures and sins and grotesqueries.

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