Advice For Young Men At The Crash Of The West

Advice For Young Men At The Crash Of The West

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Realistic advice for young men is brutally honest.

The brutally honest truth that young men need to know today is that Western civilization is crashing. It is crashing hard and painfully on many fronts.

Civilizations rarely collapse all at once from a single incident. It takes the form of ideologies pushing past reality, the success of those ideologies hardening into dogma, dogma becoming ridiculous, the ridiculous enforced as “progress” and the final calcification  hardened into a brittle, glittering edifice of stupidity until the waves of the dark world crash against and destroy it.

The best way to illustrate this is to compare the heroes of a culture to the living, actual enemies who wage war against it.

Hand a rifle and bayonet to a team of  transgendered activists and pit them against the ferocious foot soldiers of the Islamic State. See if their cultural bravery and social courage withstand the holy warriors who seek to hack off their heads.

Take a coddled social justice warrior aroused with indignation against the “cishet patriarchal oppressors” and put her in North Korea. See if her brand of foolish righteousness withstands the deadly serious dominance of an unflinching police state.

The prattling and pontificating fools who believe that 100,000 Syrian refugees will not include grim and remorseless suicide bombers from the Islamic enemies of the West are the self-castrating idiots who will destroy your culture.

The Dark Triad Man has seen empires come and go through the ages. Each time he is acutely aware of the tottering and deranged rhythm of the society that is about to collapse. And he prepares early for the ending.

It is not a mysterious nor a subtle thing to recognize once the speed of the plummet becomes apparent. And as they say, it is not the fall that kills you. It is the sudden stop at the end.

Today the Islamic State has erupted with unparalleled ferocity from the confused and murderous collapse of Syria and raced with harsh and brutal terror in pickup trucks across Iraq. It now stands hungrily at the gates of Jordan, Turkey and Iran even as their devoted agents explode themselves in self-immolating fire across the Middle East and Africa. Their soldiers machine-gun hundreds in the heart of Paris. They are opposed by words and climate change conferences.

Today the Russian bear has awakened and once more seeks hegemonic power in the world. It has taken the Crimea with force and the nations of the West have stood by and reacted in the same manner a hostess reacts when a crude guest passes foul gas at a dinner party. There were no tanks sent to rescue the Crimeans, and there was no threat of war against the invader.

Today the Chinese expand through the seas of Asia and their infrastructure grows in Africa and the Middle East. They own more than $1.2 trillion of U.S. debt alone and do not make the mistake of thinking that their intentions are peaceful and their ambition nonexistent.

In the meantime the universities of the United States and Europe are paralyzed with incredible stupidity and mindless social onanism designed to paralyze intellectual discourse and argument and replace it with proselytized vapidity about gender engineering and climates.

Were the Dark Triad Man a fatal enemy of the West he would have designed this collapse exactly as it is taking place in front of us all.

As a young man coming of age during this social collapse of civilization it is excruciatingly important for you to heed the advice in these pages.

I am Ivan Throne.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

I cannot slow the fall of the West. I cannot lessen the impact of wildly deluded social stupidity that has infected and taken control of the life of our universities. Nor can I sway the trajectory of dominant cultures that plan, without remorse, to topple and crush the West and replace it with their own hegemonic rule.

But I can equip you for power as it falls.

Let us begin.


The world does not care about you.

The first piece of advice for young men that should be taken to heart, and quickly, is that the world does not care. The world did not notice your birth or herald it with a star in the sky. Animals did not kneel in their mangers and there was no comet in the heavens to acknowledge the import of your presence. Your squawking arrival in the world was of no importance and your death will pass equally ignored by the scheme of totality.

The dark world is impersonal. You are one of billions, and your humanity does not matter to the forces of nature. You are beneath the notice of the universe. To the extent that your ego tells you otherwise you are engaging in foolish illusion that will not help you to cultivate and achieve personal power and wealth in the world of men.

Understand that you are less than a fleeting speck of dust and that the turning of the vast heavens does not pause for you. You and you alone are responsible for your survival, your life and your outcomes.

The Dark Triad Man leverages this truth to obtain unlimited freedom in the world.


Living aimlessly is destructive.

A man with no purpose is a man who is unprepared for  the dangers and opportunities of the dark world. He is a  man who drifts aimlessly from video game to video game, from masturbation to masturbation, from one drug induced high to another. Such a contemptible loser is merely spinning wheels until crisis arrives and bets on his luck as a strategy for his life.

Periodic Indulging in games is fine and good. Occasional self-satisfaction of pressing sexual urgency is healthy. Understanding the effects of drugs and alcohol and the lessons to be learned within the expansion and dulling, focus and loss of consciousness is important and appropriate.

Wrapping yourself in your indulgences and living a life of aimless, purposeless and shiftless gratuity is not the Way of becoming a man and embracing your masculine power. Your birthright of manhood will not belong to you if you do not forge it into being through challenge. That challenge exists in the world. It does not exist in a drug-induced haze of alternate realities and unpursued, desperate fantasies.

The Dark Triad Man lives for his driven purpose.


Do not go into casual debt.

The purpose of credit is for others to profit off your willingness to subordinate your income to theirs. To maintain a line of revolving credit means to pay for the privilege of using other people’s money instead of relying on your own. It is a fatal trap of destruction that will wound and cripple your ability to build wealth.

Do not fall into the trap of revolving credit. There is no purchase, toy or temporary pleasure that is worth continuing to pay for, month after month after month, because you did not have the self-discipline to remain focused on your purpose and the self-control to tell yourself no.

Understand that possessions and experiences are not investments. Your education is an investment. Real estate is an investment. A watch or a car or a night out with the guys or a date or a present for a pretty girl are not investments. Do not go into debt for expenses.

The Dark Triad Man is not the economic slave of others.


Power and wealth are essential.

Neither power nor wealth will prevent you from being killed in a freak accident or succumbing to a fatal and untreatable disease. But power and wealth are your fortress and your security in the dark world. There is no substitute for the power to pay your bills and purchase the necessities of life without stress or concern. There is no substitute for the wealth of leisure and choice and the power to decide where and how you will spend your time.

Power and wealth are the key to attracting the mate you desire. Power and wealth are the key to influencing other human beings. Power and wealth are the doors that unlock more power and wealth, because like attracts like and the more exclusive the club the more profit there is in being a member. Never underestimate the ability of power and wealth to open doors, raise skirts, smooth paths and resolve conflicts in your favor.

Power and wealth are not gifts from others. There is no free lunch. You must earn them, build them, protect them, preserve them, cultivate them and ceaselessly employ yourself in the advancement of both. You are either rotting or growing, becoming wealthier or poorer, more powerful or weaker. There is no such thing as static state for either power or wealth.

The Dark Triad Man understands that wealth and power are fluidic systems.


You are responsible for everything.

It is solely your responsibility to achieve power, position, wealth, sexual partners, property, title and fame. These things are not the prerogative of entitlement. Kings do not grant titles to men who are not useful to the throne. Businesses do not hire those who are of no value to the enterprise. Incredibly desirable women do not select the unattractive and unsuccessful to be penetrated by. Friends with social success and the rewards of moving through influential social circles do not accrue that success from the pity of others.

You must build these things with your own hands, your own effort and  your driven, determined purpose. The world is a marketplace and you are responsible for the value you bring to that marketplace. Beyond a mere marketplace, the world is an auction and you will be competing with others to deliver the highest bid for that career position, that smoking hot coed, that championship title.

It takes forethought and preparation and careful planning and consistent, ferocious effort of clawing your way to the prize of dominating success in the auction marketplace of personal value. The man who succeeds with beautiful women is not the man who masters pickup lines and tricks females into his bed. The man who succeeds with beautiful women has succeeded in being responsible for his own success, and is therefore unstoppably attractive to all females he encounters.

The Dark Triad Man assumes sole and total personal responsibility for his station in life.


All things can be attained.

There is nothing that stands between you and the attainment of your ultimate vision other than your own willingness to put your back to the wheel and your determined focus to the work of your hands. You may cry out that you are disabled and cannot be an astronaut. But if you build a company that dominates the space industry you can absolutely reserve your ride into space with no care for the permission of others.

If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them. The hard and terrible truth is that your limitations are of your own creation, and your refusal to work yourself to exhaustion with all the focus and intensity of your terrible desire is the root of your own failure and despair.

If you have a dream, do something with it. Turn it from a fantasizing dream to a vision. Identify the mission that will lead you through the necessary achievement to make this vision a reality. Plan your goals that constitute the milestones of your mission. Execute the tasks that drive your goals to successful outcomes.

The Dark Triad Man does not leave his vision to chance.


You cannot attain all things.

“Jack of all trades but master of none” is not praise to seek. One of the requirements of world class success is the unyielding obsession and determined focus of the champion on a single, vibrant objective. This focus requires the full and undistracted effort of a man who throws his entire being into his goal.

You are a man, not a god. There are limits to what can be simultaneously attained. You cannot become a champion bodybuilder at the same time you become a gold medal marathon runner. You cannot build the lifestyle of a successful rock star while at the same time laying the groundwork for a political career.

Beware of spreading yourself too thin. Far better to choose among your visions. Put your entire effort and your sweat, blood and tears into the unflinching and undeterred seizing of a throne. Do not defeat yourself with a disseminated, diluted and insufficient attempt to take all thrones at once. Not even the rulers of the wide world attempted such foolishness.

The Dark Triad Man sets himself to a single grand achievement. Then repeats.


Selecting your mentor is crucial.

As a young man it is crucial for you to identify and select a mentor. An older, wiser, more experienced man who has reached the pinnacle of success and who can provide you with the guidance and direction that empowers you to learn from his mistakes and follow shortcuts of seasoned wisdom instead of the eager exuberance of the untested fool.

Men who have risen to success in their field through their own brutally driven effort and uncompromising determination of will are nearly always willing to offer advice and mentoring. A young man who demonstrates sincerity of purpose and who is clearly driven to achieve on his own will draw their interest and attention. It will remind them of their own inexperience and naivety as they entered into the dark world with their own vision, and they will be glad to render wisdom to you where it is deserved.

That wisdom will not be offered to the arrogant, the prideful, the foolish or the lazy. Men of power and wealth and achievement do not suffer fools gladly and above all do not offer the gift of their time and interest to those who are unwilling to do the hard, ceaseless work of heavy lifting themselves. You must be determined to succeed without your mentor in order to obtain your mentor in the first place.

The Dark Triad Man expects nothing from a mentor and receives all.


She is not “the One”.

This advice for young men is among the most important. Yes, she is amazingly attractive. Yes, you are captivated and enthralled by her charm and sexual radiance. That is how evolution has designed and equipped the young female to obtain your resources and your genetic material and subsequent obligation to commit those resources to her profit.

There is no “one”. It is a hard truth to learn and it flies against what the stew of lust, hormones, social narratives and personal dreams will roil and roll inside you. The fantasy of The One Soulmate to Forever Bond With is an illusion that does not take place in the dark world. It is a manufactured meme, less than two centuries old, that does not accord with the reality of human pair bonding.

Love exists. It takes years of shared experience and trials together to develop. Commitment is real. It proves itself through the meeting of challenges. Trust is real. It takes time and is a fragile thing that does not triumph over the dark world because of instant lust.

Assess potential mates through the dispassionate eyes of the realist.

The Dark Triad Man fiercely spreads seed with accuracy.


Ceaseless effort wins the day.

Every day requires effort greater than the one before. Each success demands greater success on top of it. Each empire is built victory after victory until there is nothing left but the panting thrones of the world under your feet. There is no rest, there is no vacation, there is no abandonment of purpose until later on “when you feel like it”.

You must be brutally and ruthlessly hard on yourself day in and day out. You must forge yourself in the brilliant hot flame of reality, in the deep swells and pressures of the dark world, and in this unending struggle you will understand the nature of power and wealth and success and position.

There are no days off for the king. There is no holiday for the ruler. The man who seeks to seize the throne must not rest until he has the golden seat of power underneath him and the blade of the decision-maker in his callused and bloody hands. That blood will be your own as well, for there is no success without struggle and there is no achievement of grand vision without constant and ceaseless effort.

The Dark Triad Man knows that the weight does not lift itself.


Drugs and alcohol are fatally expensive.

Drugs and alcohol are a way of checking out. They are a way of abandoning responsibility for social competence or emotional processing or resolving intellectual frustration. Drugs and alcohol dull your perception and cheapen your experience. They corrupt your decision-making and have the ability to destroy your progress and success and turn them into sad, defeated and disgusting ashes of worthlessness.

There is a difference between savoring and indulging. There is a difference between experimenting and using. There is a difference between testing your reaction to a substance and repeatedly injuring yourself with intoxicated inanity. Appreciating a fine wine with an expensive meal is vastly different from drinking cheap beer until you are vomiting and helpless like a disgusting fool. Religious use of hallucinogens is a world apart from tripping like an idiot with a stupefied grin on your face.

Drugs and alcohol are habit forming. The progress of your slide from indulgence to using to addiction to dependence is subtle and insidious and is recognized by the damage that addiction and dependency bring. There are no solutions to the problems you face inside a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of booze, a pipe full of marijuana or a syringe full of heroin. You must face your issues yourself and you must never rely upon a chemical solution to your challenges.

The Dark Triad Man does not allow addiction to destroy his life and achievements.


The dark world is real.

The history of mankind is one of terror, joy, destruction, achievement, defeat and glory. The very best of man’s works are matched by the very worst of his evils. There is no question that to seek destruction, terror or defeat is a sadistic and pointless exercise in gratuitous and useless brutality. The dark world does not need assistance in being what it is. The natural state of nature handles the balance of life and death on its own.

You will not be rescued. You will not be saved. There are no laws that will prevent you from being killed and there are no religions that will prevent you from the recurring fear of being finite in an infinite universe. The reality of the dark world is ever present and you will eventually succumb to your fate and die as all men do. Your understanding and acceptance of this is an important step on your road to maturity as a man.

There will always be fear and terror and death. There will always be doubt and uncertainty and troubled hearts of indecision and doubt and despair. The process of growing from boy to man and of embracing masculinity and attaining manhood is to understand this inherent presence of the dark world, and to also appreciate the achievement and purpose of a lifetime at work in building and creating and attaining. You will not live forever but your works and name can become immortal.

The Dark Triad Man builds immortality in the dark world.



Advice for young men is difficult medicine to swallow.

Young men are arrogant, full of themselves, unhampered by hard experience and are imbued with feelings of immortality and guaranteed success.

This is normal. It is why the armies of the world are filled with young men, who do not understand the ferocious cruelty of the bayonet or the unreasonable, unpredictable insanity of high explosives.

It is why young men fall into laziness, become ensnared by capricious women, succumb to drink and drugs and find themselves growing into maturity saddled by debt and locked into soul-killing, dream-crushing and happiness-decimating lives of blank and pointless frustration.

You cannot be forced to take advice. You will assuredly have to learn certain hard lessons on your own. Even more assuredly the dark world will not hesitate to teach you as many times as it must to enforce recognition of its dominance and power.

That is simply how it is.

Heed my advice in the dark world.

I am Ivan Throne.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

I am brutally honest in my advice. You will either take that advice or you will not. Perhaps you are the one person who can repeatedly drink themselves to oblivion with no consequence to your relationships or success or career. Perhaps you are a special person for whom the universe alters its laws and outcomes so that you don’t have to work for your achievements. Perhaps you are a magical being for whom the dark world stays its hands.

Perhaps it is easier for you to ignore the reality of the dark world and believe in the claims and promises and assertions of progressive, social justice transgenderism. Perhaps it is simpler for you to accept the collectivist description of utopia and ignore the reality of a hundred million murdered innocents that lie in the killing pits of the last century.

Or you can pay attention and you can learn.

I do not offer you gentleness. I care nothing for your feelings. Your sad and wistful feelings do not change the world.

Wishing for possession does not grant you a throne.

Seizing it does.

Take my advice for manhood. Read the first few chapters of my bestseller free on Amazon.

Build your fortress and palace of achievement despite the crash of Western civilization into a rubble of stupid, self-castrating foolishness.

Do not be an accomplice to its refusal to face the incoming tide of the dark world.

Be a Dark Triad Man.

Be a power in the dark world.


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