A Brief Thanksgiving Message

A Brief Thanksgiving Message

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My Thanksgiving message is a blessing to you.

On this day we give thanks for many things. Among them are family, friends, security, wealth, comfort, power, property, passion and all the things that make life interesting, profound and filled with the richness of joy.

On this day the Dark Triad Man makes certain that he pauses in his ambition, his analysis, and gives thanks without reserve for his life.

Especially in the West, men have much to be grateful and give sincere thanks for.


Hold your families close and express your love.

Think of the meaning they have to you. Think of the value they hold for you. Embrace them on this day, and ensure that your love and protection and your power is known to them and that you leave nothing unshared in the balance of your relationships.

The dark world moves quickly, and loved ones can be torn from us forever in an eyeblink.

Let no words be unsaid, no love remain unexpressed.


Be grateful for your wealth and property and security.

You were not shot at today. You ate today, and if you are celebrating this holiday you are likely to eat better than most people on earth. A veritable feast has been prepared and you are present, and that is rare in the history of the dark world.

Appreciate the wealth and security and prosperity that makes this feast possible.

Give thanks for that blessing of fortune and empowerment from the world.


Be grateful for your ability to achieve.

Your success in life results from your achievements. Those achievements are myriad and cover many areas of a man’s life, too numerous to list. But you know where your successes are, and the fortitude you possessed and the competence you put to work and the hard unceasing determined effort you made your watchword until your throne was seized.

Appreciate your own value. Give thanks that you possess it.

Understand that expanding your value into the world is a gift.


Enjoy the holiday.

Today is a day for celebration. Enjoy! Let ambition rest, and calm the striving heart for the day. Today partake of feasts, and of laughter, and of love. They are a light in the dark world. Be your world’s light.

Let your loved ones see that light, dispelling shadows from the gathering.

I am Ivan Throne.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

On this day, your lesson is this:

Embody love and gratitude.

That is the power of the throne.

Let love flow from it.


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