New Year's Eve Release Coming

New Year’s Eve Release Of The Nine Laws

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Release of The Nine Laws is coming very soon.

Everything is on track for release of The Nine Laws on New Year’s Eve.

I am sending it straight from the glittering ballroom floor to the first 1,000 subscribers – for free.

It is my way of saying thanks and showing appreciation for your help in making Dark Triad Man a success. It is also my way of acknowledging the importance of your participation and your engagement with the content I write and deliver.

Dark Triad Man is here to provide men with a living, growing manual for power.

Men are challenged like never before in history. Not just by war, famine, careers, marriage and families. Not just by all the things that men have sacrificed for and struggled with in the millions of years of human history. Today there is even more.

There is no question that today we are also brutally challenged by condemnation, criticism, ridicule and degrading social shaming simply because we are men.

Masculinity and manhood themselves are under vicious attack.

This is new in the history of humankind.

Never before has proud manhood and strong masculinity and competent, successful maleness been so hated and despised and reviled. These things are under attack by the envious and the bitter. Men are loathed by the resentful, the weak and by hateful failures who tear down the success of others. Men are legislated against and railed against and whined against by people who should spend their time focusing on success instead of degrading others in a useless attempt to feel important.

Men are under attack. These attackers know that their attacks are evil.

They are evil because they teach young men and boys that there is something wrong with them.

They are evil because male power is a wholesome thing and should not be punished for existing.

They are evil because they rip the happy exultation from boyhood and drug it into emasculated stupor and call them sick and disordered.

The Dark Triad Man laughs comfortably at this ugly, bitter hatred of male power.

He easily recognizes it for what it is:


Public degradation of masculine power and condemnation of natural manhood is a sad, desperate sadism.


The dark world has always demanded men sacrifice for the protection of themselves, their mates, their families. And men have given their all for their communities, their nations and their cultures. Men have risen to the challenge for millions of years and expended their blood and sweat in making those sacrifices.

Today we are asked to sacrifice our manhood itself.

We are asked to view our natural masculine energy and power as somehow wrong. To cage our manhood and our maleness as deeply offensive to the world. To apologize for who we are, for what we are, and to feel shame for being men. It is stupid and disgusting and cruel and men have no obligation to respect these silly demands.

The release of The Nine Laws challenges these absurd and ugly emasculations of the day and destroys them.

The Dark Triad Man does not self-emasculate or surrender his power to the hideous. And neither do you. That is why you are here.

You are not alone.


Thousands of men are reading Dark Triad Man.

This blog was launched on October 27th, 2015. That’s a little over three weeks ago. As I sit at my desk and draft this post I am beyond gratified at the results.

More than 3,200 visitors have come to Dark Triad Man and read over 7,200 pages of content.

That is an overwhelming number and there is a reason for it:

I am not posting generic crap like How To Pick Up Girls or useless fluff like Get Laid in 30 Seconds. I am not here to insult your intelligence or peddle shallow lies about how easy life is going to be if you listen to me. I am not here to waste my time or yours.

Men are hurting, angry and sick and tired of the whining emasculation forced daily down their throats. Men are hungry and seeking an unflinching guide who demonstrates unqualified respect for their rightful desire to seize both their manhood and success and who won’t sell them false shortcuts.

I have succeeded in the dark world and I am giving back with the release of The Nine Laws.

I am Ivan Throne.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

You are not here for idle stupidity masquerading as substance.

You are here for the power of the Dark Triad Man and I am going to tell you with brutal honesty that you will have it if you work for it.

If you study the material in our Library of Ferocity page with the passion and dedication that marks a true scholar of the Way.

If you follow our Gladiator Power program and train in those lessons over and over until you are dropping from exhaustion.

If you practice our Cold Approach skills with perseverance and grim determination to win.

If you absorb the examples of Seven Terrifying Dark Triad Men in History and model after their icy key attributes.

You will have to put in the work. I am not here to link every single page and make your life easier. I am here to make it harder for you by showing you the Way of the Dark Triad Man and because I believe in the birthright of every man to embrace his power, find the path to his success, and propel himself forward with blazing determination and perseverance. You will need to match my confidence in you with action.

I am a Dark Triad Man and I do not accept failure.

I do not accept your failure.

Unless you insist on it.

I prefer you seize the throne.


Nox prendit regnvm.

Night grasps the throne.

You are responsible as a man for many things.  You are responsible for your own safety. You are responsible for your own education. You are responsible for your family, your career, your property, your vote and your goals. The most important thing of all is your own destiny.

If you want the throne you are responsible for seizing it with your own hands.

You must do it yourself. With the release of The Nine Laws you will have the tools you need.

I can’t do it for you. But I absolutely can and will teach you how. I am a Dark Triad Man and I don’t have any scruples about telling you exactly how it is. If you are lazy and excuse-making and won’t put in the effort you’re going to get what you deserve. If you are determined to work yourself to exhaustion and you are up every day with a ferocious, death-clawed determination to take on the entire world and subjugate your dreams into reality… then you are one step closer to the throne.

You are on your way to becoming a Dark Triad Man.

Welcome to the legion that rules the dark world.

We are there in the shadows of every empire in history.

We have always been there. Come join us.

Thrones are seeking masters.


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