Huffington Post On Narcissism Of The Dark Triad Man

Huffington Post On Narcissism Of The Dark Triad Man

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Mainstream media again calls out the power of our archetype.

Anna Almendrala has a brief but useful article published yesterday in the Huffington Post titled Here’s Why Narcissism Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing. To summarize, the Healthy Senior Living Editor of the Huffington Post is pronouncing narcissism to be a critical component in the perseverance of success:


If you’re looking to impress at a job interview, people who can rattle off their skills and accomplishments will do much better than people who struggle to explain why they should get the position. If you’re a performer, narcissism gives you that higher-than-average boost of self confidence you need to do well on stage — as well as to continue pursuing your dream, sometimes for years, in the face of constant rejection. Research bears this out; reality TV celebrities, comedians and actors tend to score higher on self-measures of narcissistic personality than the general population.


Readers of the Dark Triad Man will recall this from my own post on narcissism.

The marriage of driven achievement to this dynamic, powerful trait is what spurs men to greatness. It is an irreplaceable component in world-class results.

The process of success is not a complicated one.

Success in the dark world demands that you envision and create a compelling reality, further advanced in wealth and success and achievement than what you have in the moment. Then you must take that power and seize that reality.

And with the force of will – with an awesome, determined perseverance – you will blow the locks off the doors to your success.

It takes obsession for competent achievement to ascend the heights of glory. Achievement is what separates silly self-esteem from the powerful, dependable quality of self-respect.

Narcissism is one of the many tools of the Dark Triad Man. He uses it to cultivate himself. He uses it to advance his outcomes.

The development of self-respect through achievement is the natural outcome of his success.

Anna Almendrala’s article at the Huffington Post on narcissism takes it a step further to note that even minimal levels of narcissism are key aspects of achievement:


But on the low end of the spectrum, narcissism can manifest itself in simple self-confidence or bravado. W. Keith Campbell, a psychology professor at the University of Georgia and author of the book The Narcissism Epidemic: Living In The Age Of Entitlement, calls narcissism a tool in our toolbox that can help you nail that job interview, pick someone up at a bar or win that new leadership position at work.


“In our modern society, there are times you have to brag or toot your own horn,” he told HuffPost. “If you can use it, it can be helpful, but only in limited areas.”


The Huffington Post on narcissism and getting things done.

Follow-through is essential to achievement narcissism and the generation of dependable, real world results.

Without the continued and sustained effort necessary to turn amazing dreams into bankable reality, narcissism can be simple wheel spinning. That is an insidious form of mental masturbation that the Dark Triad Man does not engage in.

The Huffington Post agrees:


Generally, Campbell explained, these narcissistic traits are very useful for the beginnings of things. But people with the personality disorder may find that the narcissistic traits that helped them win the new job or love interest aren’t enough to sustain the relationship. If other skills don’t come surging through — things like leadership, compassion and emotional intelligence — things can sour.


You must marry achievement to narcissism.

You must embody purpose.

You must embody endurance.

They are the third and fourth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.

Men who become champions are born from those who have a dream. They ceaselessly work themselves to exhaustion until the prize is in their hands, the gold is around their neck, and the throne of the world is in their grasp.

Champions don’t allow themselves to be distracted from their purpose or bored with the process of putting in the work, paying their dues, and owning their glorious success with unassailable, valid entitlement and prerogative.

Championship is the way of the Dark Triad Man.


Huffington Post on narcissism and keeping your relationship.

The article concludes by calling out the rewards of being in a relationship with a champion.

The Dark Triad Man recognizes the power of narcissism and its remarkable power to help him attain those champion results in life. His earned self-respect and his stellar confidence of the winner can be your prize to lose:


Oldham even has advice for people who love very self-confident people: Don’t try to change who they are, expect certain behaviors of them and be truthful about how you really feel being in someone else’s orbit.

“If you enjoy being around someone who’s very successful and don’t feel you need to be equally successful, and if you don’t need to be admired the same way yourself, you can become part of the halo of success around this person and find it very rewarding in some ways,” Oldham conceded.


It is not possible to achieve greatness without vision. Nor is it possible without effort. The male achievements of greatness, quality, competence, power and all the other notable and admirable hallmarks of the Dark Triad Man are the result of that committed vision, that dominant drive and that unceasing effort to be the best and most illimitable human being possible.

And that is important to recognize.

It is not easy.

It is not quick.

The dark world does not gift championships.

They are seized by a man who has unquenchable belief in his own right and power to rule.

The pursuit of excellence – the determined, purposeful development of one’s own power and station and outcomes – is not a transient, fragile thing to be tumbled and turned and nudged to the side by those who are awkwardly uncomfortable with being powerful themselves.


“You can certainly communicate to the self-confident person that it would be nice to have a little less time just focusing on him or her, but it should be in the context of recognizing you won’t change the essential ingredients of this person,” he concluded.


Being a part of the halo of success can be rewarding.

It is even more rewarding to build your own success.

The Dark Triad Man demands to build his own success.

He owns with complete assurance the truth that his power, his capacities, his knowledge and his achievements are the attainment of his own vision.

The reality of his success in the world was driven there with his own ferocious hands.

The Dark Triad Man does not bask in halos.

Basking in a halo is not a strategy for survival in the dark world.

Hoping for the wealth of others to flow to you is not the Way.

Expecting others to provide you with self-respect does not work.

The Dark Triad Man builds his own.


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