10 Coming Topics To Blow Your Mind At Dark Triad Man

10 Coming Topics To Blow Your Mind At Dark Triad Man

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The launch of Dark Triad Man is a growing success.

Men are responding strongly to our ruthless mentoring for a dark world. You’re avidly consuming the material. Our correspondence shows you are following up and using the tools that I am putting in front of you to change your life.

That is the purpose, the vision and the determined mission of Dark Triad Man.


More than 1,100 visitors have read over 3,000 pages in the first two weeks.


That is important. I’m not here to tell you little fairy tales about The Man Who Wishes He Could.

I’m here to give you hard, grown up tools. These tools are for men who know it’s their birthright to be hard and grown up themselves. They are for men who plan to seize the throne. My tools are equipping you to think with a cold, ruthless and analytical mind. To approach your life with power and plans for competent achievement.

I am hearing from men all over the world who are changing their lives because of them.

Emails arrive daily from men who express their pain of self doubt and loneliness. Who tell me about fear. About how they don’t know how to recover their lives in a world that’s so grotesquely dark and ridiculous that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. I read how they are challenged by chemical habits, with weakness, by a cringing, useless internal narrative of doubt, desperation and defeat. I read each one and I feel the anguish of my brothers, the pain of my comrades in the dark world who are looking for just that one hand to reach out and grip them hard and pull them up just one step.

They are not alone.

Pain is the privilege of the man. For it is in overcoming his pain that he finds his manhood. But to attain that proud manhood it makes all the difference in the world to have a mentor. That is why I am here. I am here to give back. I am here to give you that hand and pull you hard up from your pain. To grip you by the shoulder, look you in the eye, and deliver ruthless mentoring for a dark world. I’m here to teach you with brutal honesty how to take serious and unstoppable control of your own life and blow the locks off the doors to your success.

I’m here to guide you how to become a Dark Triad Man.

I am here to arm you with the bright and forbidding tools of of power.

And you’re doing it. It is beyond satisfying to see.


Stories from my readers provoke proud emotion in me.

A young man in Turkey is today working out with iron and following a ruthless, week by week program to become the embodiment of power.

Another young man here in the United States has kicked his chemical habits and is now up every day to take on the world.

Yet another has shed his negative habits of drugs and laziness and is hardening his mind in school and his body at a tough construction job.

I am beyond proud of them. The world needs more blazing fires just like them.

The world needs strong, powerful men who embrace their masculinity and their manhood and who accept nothing less from themselves than total, unyielding commitment to not just blow the locks off the doors to their success but rip the doors from their hinges, thrown them aside, and stride into the dark world and seize the throne.

The world needs the Dark Triad Man.

It needs you.


10 Coming Topics to Blow Your Mind.

Each of these topics is a prepared part of the suite of content that Dark Triad Man will be delivering over the next couple of months. There is a lot of material. That’s because this is real life. The dark world is not a game, and to become the master of it and able to navigate in it and dominate it you need real, concrete and actionable lessons.

I’m not going to deliver silly stupid content like “How to Get the Girl in One Fast Step” or “Get Jacked in 24 Hours” like a lot of blogs or Internet marketing machines out there. It’s stupid, it’s disgraceful, and it’s fake. And I won’t promote them either. The links you see on my site will be to providers I’ve vetted for reality, achievement and results. Because that is what you require.

You require men like Victor Pride, Ed Latimore, Mike Cernovich and others.

The dark world is real. It will chew you up, savagely tear you apart, butcher your dreams and fling your sobbing entrails into the universe if it doesn’t respect you as a power in your own right. And that’s why I’m going to equip you with the tools to be a Dark Triad Man.

An important note:

As you go through these 10 Coming Topics to Blow Your Mind it will be natural that some will immediately grab your interest above the others.

That’s absolutely perfect, and that’s exactly what I want to hear from you.

You reach out to me and tell me what you need.

I’m your mentor, but it’s your life. You’ll know best where you will benefit the most from serious, grown up tools to take apart and rebuild the engines of your own power. And it’s your responsibility to step forward and ask for it – or even suggest new ones.

Let’s get started:


Some of the topics below have been covered in an article here at Dark Triad Man and others are being rolled forward into a new roundup of proposed articles. Links have been added where appropriate.
History of the Dark Triad Man.

Stellar examples exist through history of great men with vast ambitions who surged forth with personal armies and beat the glittering empires of the world into panting whores lying prostrate and wet at their feet. We’ll look at the lessons history teaches in how to seize the throne.

Read it: Seven Terrifying Dark Triad Men In History


Money of the Dark Triad Man.

Money makes the world go round. Gold has always been the lubricant of power and the hungry lust of Men. We’ll look at the principles of money as one of the most important things you achieve: making it, keeping it, spending it wisely and with purpose.


Solitude, Loneliness and Introspection.

Men suffer pain. It is part of the development of masculine power. But how to handle introspection when it turns into solitude and loneliness? This post will give you the tools to tumble and turn loneliness, solitude and introspection into tools of power.


The Dog of the Dark Triad Man.

The Dog is the most loyal of companions and among the most priceless experiences a man can have. The love of The Dog is ennobling, it is empowering, it is honoring of your nature as the leader and a direct way to perceive the immortal expansion of the heart.


Combat, Bloodlust and Reality.

Men are savage creatures. We play, we fight, we slay and we charge into war and combat with a shuddering, howling lust for blood. Whether it is a rabid fan at a football game or a dark shape in an alley, we have in our spirit a drive to go claw to claw.

Read it: How To Fight Like A Psychopath


Vengeance of the Dark Triad Man.

Enemies happen and so do the injuries they cause. Every man has felt the drive for revenge from time to time. But there is a difference between the tawdry, selfish and universally useless idea of revenge and the deep, overwhelming power of vengeance.

Read it: Vengeance, Revenge and Consequences


Children in the Dark World.

A source of frustration and joy, delight and disappointment, children are often the most important legacies that we leave behind in the world. We’ll look at how to establish teaching and boundaries, risks and rewards for them in the reality of the dark world.


Therapists and the Dark Triad Man.

Lots of men have been there on the couch with a mental health professional for one reason or another. Typically it is frustrating waste of time that never delivers the concrete, powerful and immediately applicable results you seek. We’ll examine why, and what to do about it.


Rage in the Dark World.

Just like revenge and vengeance, fury and rage are deep and powerful emotions that have shattered the empires of the past and left bloody trails throughout human history. In this post I’ll walk you through the steps of rage and how to transform it into power.

Read it: How To Enslave Your Rage And Win


Addiction and the Dark Triad Man.

Chemical dependency is a grievous problem for many men in the dark world. Drugs dampen pain and provide distraction and feel good but they also deaden motivation, divert you from purpose and destroy your health and competence. I’ll tell you the real way to kick it.

Read it: Kicking Addiction With Dark Triad Man


Giving back to men in the dark world..

This is just a quick preview of the knowledge and power I’m going to deliver to you. I have well over fifty additional topics that are being readied for publishing right here at my desk. The work of the Dark Triad Man is a serious, life changing matter and I have a solemn, unbreakable commitment to deliver it to you.

But your participation is essential. I can’t build a life of power for you, and you will have to find and seize the throne yourself. I’m your mentor, not your father. I’m not an aging king who is tired of ruling and wants to kick the keys to the kingdom to some unappreciative brat.

I believe completely in your ability to achieve this. I know you have what it takes to be a man.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world. And you can seize that opportunity and seize your throne by becoming a subscriber today.


Spread the news about our work together..

You arrived here on your own and you’re here to work on your pain and your weakness and your habits and your goals. You’re making a commitment to achieve and deliver.

To build yourself into a Dark Triad Man.

Don’t leave your brothers behind in the dark world.

You  know they have the same pain. You know they struggle with the same confusion, the same hurts, the same rage at the ridiculous barriers the world throws in front of men today. And I will be brutally honest and say you have a responsibility to your brothers.

Spread the word. Share the results. Point them here, and tell them where to find ruthless mentoring for the dark world.

We’ll build legions of powerful, determined allies together.

And we’ll stride together in the dark world as an army that vibrates with power.


Take my hand and step yourself up into the dark world..

It isn’t easy to change your life. It isn’t easy to abandon despair and disappointment and frustration and weakness. Those things are infectious, they are destructive and they will stick and cling and scrape at you until you stink and reek of failure.

You must personally take the first step to conquering those things and shedding them like the useless, needless weights they are.

Take that step today. Get instant access to my free ebook modules.

My name is Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

Grasp my offered hand.

There is a throne waiting for you.


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