Psychopathy Of The Dark Triad Man

Psychopathy Of The Dark Triad Man

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Psychopathy is the engine of competence.

Psychopathy is a scary word for most people.

It is very heavily associated in our Western culture with the image of an uncontrolled murderer, an unpredictable and dangerous entity that isn’t really human like everyone else. It’s an image that is fed by movies and television (because drama does sell advertising) and there is rarely if ever any narrative to counter that image.

To make our analysis of the psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man even more challenging there is virtually no casual public familiarity with the actual underlying mind formation of psychopathy.

We have discussed Machiavellianism and narcissism in earlier posts. They combine with psychopathy to create the dark triad of personality. Just as with the first two traits, the psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man is about boundaries. Machiavellians present the appearance of boundaries according to how useful that presentation may be at the time. Narcissists place their boundaries ahead of others in importance, following what their primacy of selfish purpose dictates.

The psychopath does not have boundaries.

And therein is the terror that the dramatic image of the psychopath derives its impact from. Where there are no limits on behavior, how can one contend with an adversary who is always prepared to go a deadly step further? How can one plan against a foe that is unbounded by moral strictures? How can one stand to protect their heart from a being that feels nothing even remotely related to guilt or remorse?

The answers are within this post.

You will find it troubling if you are a casual reader. That is fine.

The casual reader is welcome here as a consumer. Do not, however, anticipate reassurance from me on your safety. The reality is that the dark world is ever present. There are elements of the dark world that reach out from time to time with whispered tendrils, wrapping subtly around you before they feed.

If you are a student of the material and you are cultivating your insight and your competence and you are striving to be both a scholar and a practitioner of this singularly powerful mental formation – then you will find this post to be a crucial and irreplaceable delivery of ruthless mentoring for the dark world.  It will part the veil of drama and narratives and babble from the unfamiliar and the uninformed and the uninitiated.

It will lead you to the root of the Dark Triad Man.

If you are a medical provider there will be a challenge to you. It will come later on in this post.

Right now we are going to talk about how we will define, dissect and deploy this psychopathy.



Defining the psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man.

We are discussing serious material. Let’s begin by reestablishing the frame within which I am sharing this information with you.

That frame is brutal honesty. I am here to deliver unsoftened and ungentled information. If you are easily triggered or or otherwise insufficiently mature to accompany me on our journey into the root of power of the dark world, there are other places you can spend your time that won’t challenge your thinking or frighten you with savage realities.

I am Ivan Throne and I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

That is why I am here.

The definition of the psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man is that he lives by and within and according to the ninth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.

The ninth law is very simple yet utterly and terrifyingly profound. It is the source from which the duality of Heaven and Earth arise, the male and female, life and death and the riddle of Time and Space itself. It is seen in the violation of matter and antimatter balance at the creation of the Universe itself and in the shrieking murderous horrors of the last century where a quarter billion souls were slain in the mad, capricious dance of war.

The ninth law is that there are no laws.

The Dark Triad Man knows this.

It is why he is always a step ahead.


The last of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.

It is easy to understand on one level that there are no laws. “Of course,” one says, feeling they are easily grasping something simple. “People ignore laws all the time, whether laws about jaywalking or international laws about genocide. They are just constructs. That’s no mystery.”

Those are correct assumptions. Laws are theoretical constructs – they are ideas that are promoted and kept in place by force, typically by the power of the State using guns and uniforms. They do not exist physically but only in the minds of human beings.

But this is just one level of understanding of the ninth law.

It goes much deeper than that.

I talk about this deeper understanding and its utilitarian application from a practical perspective in my post 3 Steps to Gladiator Power.

In this post we are going to speak more philosophically about the absence of laws, and frame the context as absence of boundaries.

What do we mean by boundaries? My post on Machiavellianism discusses how boundaries work. The absence of boundaries for the Dark Triad Man is not simply a recognition of the fragility of laws and boundaries and a simplistic decision to violate them. It is, rather, a state of mind and heart where compliance with any boundary is dictated not by the existence of the boundary, but according to the outcome desired by the Dark Triad Man and as driven by his purpose.

That is important, so I will repeat it: The Dark Triad Man is driven by the base of purpose. That purpose encounters and engages with boundaries and behaviors.

The place where they intersect is the target.


Psychopathy Matrix


The target as a principle of the Dark Triad Man.

Most people are bound within these constructs, boundaries of relationships, rules and laws – and have a sense of guilt and shame or fear of trespass when there is a violation of those boundaries. The Dark Triad Man is aware of boundaries in an intellectual sense, the way that parking regulations are visible when posted.

But he does not award any moral freight to those boundaries. It is not a matter of making a decision, in the end, to accord them respect or not – it is a matter of what the useful outcome is, and any adherence to the boundary is a matter of targeting decision.

Boundaries are simply branches within the field of view of the sniper.

They are engaged with as they are encountered but they are not anthropomorphized or possessed of meaning.

For laws and boundaries and rules are infinitely fluid.

Killing is of one human being by another is considered to be wrong by many. There are laws against gratuitous killing in every human society.

Yet collateral damage is an accepted outcome by all the nation states of the world.

The reality is that killing is done when it is useful to kill, and it is avoided when to kill is gratuitous.

It is a question of efficiency, not of morality.

It is the absence of attachment in the heart.

It is not cold… it is the absence of temperature.

It is not cruel… it is the absence of consideration.

It is the singularity of disassociation where, as Takuan teaches, the mind does not stop.

It is not courage, where one overcomes one’s fear and plunges manfully into the danger.

It is the absence of fear.

It is dancing with the preposturous without incredulity.

It is the acceptance of death without pertubation.

It is the psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man.

When he determines a target, he does not become cold. He does not become cruel. He does not associate or fear or experience outrage or other emotions that invalidate his seamless posture in alignment with his target.

It is hit, and it is completed, without any measure of the gratuitous.

And within this singularity, born from the waters of efficiency and achievement…

…the Dark Triad Man cultivates his competence.


Development of psychopathy in the individual

Psychopathy is typically organic, inflicted or installed.

Organic psychopathy is present in those who are, quite simply, born that way. They may be bred to such competence or merely a genetic standout from their familial crowd. Inflicted psychopathy is a response to trauma, and instilled psychopathy is a potential outcome of deep and considered training.

For those who are born psychopaths, or who became so as the result of trauma – meaning, an organic rather than decided manifestation – it is easier to understand, but harder to control. Psychopathy is a powerful and deeply risky tool that can cause grave damage if deployed gratuitously.

For those who wish to consciously develop and attain the power of the psychopath it is a long process of training. The materials on our Library of Ferocity page are a beginning place to delve into the limitless power of a man who is unchained, unafraid, and unstoppable.

In particular, the Go Rin No Sho is notable for its psychopathic content.

It is one of the most powerful treatises on strategy that has even been written. It is a deep, disturbing resource. It’s not a “guide to business success” or “how to be a martial artist”. It was written by the most ruthless man who ever picked up steel, who killed over threescore men before he reached the age of thirty. And he did it face to face, eye to eye, with live steel.

One of his most famous teaching is iwao no mi (巌の身) or the “body of a rock.”


When you have mastered the Way of strategy, you can suddenly make your body like a rock, and ten thousand things cannot touch you. This is the body of a rock.


This does not refer to a physically fit body, although the Dark Triad Man cultivates physical fitness and hardness as a part of his gladiator power. It refers to the absence of attachment. When the mind and the heart are totally unattached, completely disassociated, utterly in accordance with freedom, the sixth of The Nine Laws, then there is no place for the spear to enter, as the soul is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

When there is no anchor for the mind and heart it is present in everything, and perceives all instantly and seamlessly and continuously and gives rise to the mirror purity of posture that is the fifth of The Nine Laws.

The disassociated freedom of the psychopath does not validate the deployment of gratuitousness.

This is what separates the Dark Triad Man from the disordered.

He possesses iwao no mi and for him there are no boundaries.


Abstention from the gratuitous.

Here at Dark Triad Man I often speak of the gratuitous and when I do I am clear that it is not to be engaged in. There is a difference between excess and gratuitous, which we will now explain.

Excess is overflowing abundance. It can be an excess of ego, an excess of wealth, an excess of sexual opportunities or an excess of strength.

Excess is not inherently inappropriate. It may happen from time to time that an excess of capacity or content is available to the Dark Triad Man. He takes it as it comes, deploys it as he determines, profits as excess becomes available.

Gratuitous is not excess.

Gratuitous is wanton. It is wallowing. It is unnecessary, and in that unnecessariness it is wasteful and not useful.

As the Go Rin No Sho on our Library of Ferocity page teaches:


Do nothing which is of no use.


That is the Way of the Dark Triad Man.

For within the useless, within the gratuitous, lies exposure, damnation, failure and death.

When the psychopath engages in the gratuitous he overextends. Unnecessary overextension is the dwelling place of risk and the dark birth waters of vulnerability. It creates a hollow in his purpose, it softens the body of the rock, and affixes the mind and body and heart upon a kinetically engageable point and the practitioner is no longer a Dark Triad Man but merely a selfish, disordered manipulator.

To be gratuitous is to violate each of The Nine Laws.

It embraces senseless vulnerability and violates the first law of survival.

It needlessly reveals and abrogates the second law of concealment.

It cheapens and diffuses the third law of purpose.

It is wasteful and weakening and hamstrings the fourth law of endurance.

It overextends presence and disrupts the fifth law of posture.

It attaches the mind and heart and body and arrests the sixth law of freedom.

It is spoiled and externally focused and crosses the seventh law of power.

It spawns attachment and false meaning and invalidates the eighth law of preposterousness.

It dims clarity and understanding and cripples the ninth law of no laws.

The Dark Triad Man adheres to The Nine Laws and does not abandon them for the senseless, the abrogated, the cheap, the wasteful overextended or the arrested, crossed, invalidated crippling of his power. He remains still and focused inside, with a mind that does not stop and a spirit of essential singularity. Within that singularity boundaries do not exist.

The most offensive form of the gratuitous is sadism.

Sadism is not a part of the Dark Triad Man. It is part of the dark tetrad.

The dark tetrad is a beast fit for execution.


The medical provider.

Psychopathy here is not outlined as a troubled, self-and-other damaging disorder although it has the potential to be so without the discipline, training and scholarship that are inherent to the Dark Triad Man. Propensity to addiction, cyclic rounds of fomented life chaos and other unhelpful dynamics correlated with the organic psychopath can be difficult to interact with but can be attentuated, redirected and transformed in many cases by the application of conscious theory and committed discipline on the part of the psychopath.

For the practitioner of the Way who seeks to attain iwao no mi, the Body of a Rock, it is a matter of training.

Ceaseless, continuous, unrelenting, devoted training.

All encounters are training.

All engagements are training.

All experiences are training.

All encounters, engagements, experiences are singularities, seamless and void and infinite.

And within each singularity lies the prajñā pāramitā, the great light of understanding if only one is able to attain it.

The Dark Triad Man attains it.


Conclusion on Psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man

We have examined the psychopathy of the Dark Triad Man from several perspectives and in accordance with The Nine Laws.

Mastery of psychopathy is the engine of his competence. Whether organically arising or instituted within you as a scholar and practitioner of the Way, the mastery of psychopathy is where you begin to hit your targets and where the heart does not ripple at the profound.

It is the place where all things intersect, disappear, and inexhaustibly billow forth.

The Dark Triad Man is a psychopath.

His competence is untrammeled and unrestricted.

It is measured with discipline and purpose.

It is the ending of the world.

It is time now for me to answer the questions posed at the beginning of this post.


Where there are no limits on behavior, how can one contend with an adversary who is always prepared to go a deadly step further? How can one plan against a foe that is unbounded by moral strictures? How can one stand to protect their heart from a being that feels nothing even remotely related to guilt or remorse?


The answer is simple, and within that answer is your terror.

You cannot.

That is the way of the dark world.

Nox prendit regnvm.

Darkness seizes the throne.

If you dare to reshape yourself into a Dark Triad Man, you are in the right place.

Come join me, and get instant access to my free ebook modules.

It is time to reverberate your competence through the universe.


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