3 Steps To Gladiator Power

3 Steps To Gladiator Power

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Become a serious force to be reckoned with.

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The very word gladiator brings with it the image of a grim and ferocious champion standing like a god on bloody sands while the insane mob screams his limitless glory to the sky. Men like Spartacus, Crixus, Oenomaus (yes, they were real people), Flammus, Priscus and Verus left to us a legacy of indomitable, unstoppable personal force amid the terrifying specter of mortal combat.

They strode into the Coliseums of Imperial Rome knowing that inside lay death, dismemberment, scattered brains and carved flesh. Within the arena were starving lions, fire, spears and the hideous apparitions of disembowled slain.

They walked into that dark world for gold and glory.

They attained them both and with them they achieved immortality.


Gold and glory are the rewards.

You’re going to take them and train with them. You’re going to work those steps over and over as if your life depends on it and your gold and glory are on the other side of it.

I’m here to deliver truth to you with brutal honesty:

Your life does depend on it. Gold and glory are on the other side.

You have to fight with passion and rage and unstoppable power to attain them!

It’s part of my ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

The inescapable brutal truth is that gold and glory aren’t sitting in the corner bar waiting for you to come around, offer them a lame pickup line and beg to buy them a drink. Gold and glory don’t care if you have game or are a Red Pill man or a pickup artist or a bodybuilder. Gold and glory don’t care if you publicly bedded a stunning blonde and left her sticky and exhausted and sore in front of a crowd.

Gold and glory are not about image or publicity or fashionable displays.

Gold and glory are about death, power and the dark world.


Gold and glory will not come and find you.

You must fight to the death for them in the dark world.


Gold and glory do not want to be with you.

You must seize the throne with your own bloody hands.


Gold and glory are not your entitlement.

You must change your world into a funnel for them.


The first step is to accept the dark world.

And in your acceptance of the dark world, let go of your infantile mindset of civilized and graceful social order.

A complaint I often hear from young men is that the world is no longer a place fit for a man with raw unembarrassed masculine power. That the days of gladiators and kings and damsels and quests are over; that there is no Rome, that all is sanitized, that even the most brutal mixed martial arts cage fight is still happening with rules and protective equipment and no one gets dismembered or gutted or torn in half by a wild beast insane with rage and terror.

Yes and no. Your daily life – unless you are reading this from the bowels of burning Syria or the brutal genocidal depths of Africa – is much safer, cleaner, pampered and easy compared to the life of citizens of ancient Rome.

But that is an illusion. It is not reality.

Reality is what is left over when the power goes out.

The dark world is lit from age to age with the light of reason and progress, with technology and science, and our creature comforts are blinding. But the reality is quite different. Western civilization is nothing more than a teasing curtain, increasingly ridiculous and tottering, drawn over the dark world that remains as the base nature of creation.

You must learn to see things clearly.

You must learn to penetrate the veil of illusion and know the world for what it is.

The half-dozen teenage girls twittering and chatting and giggling over their cellphones and taking selfies of their perfect clothes and bodies and hair are an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that they are a huddled group of frightened, beaten commodities kept for the amusement of the warlord and any of his men he chooses to reward. They don’t giggle and take selfies and they don’t dare talk back when they are told to present their naked rears.

The social justice warrior who scans every statement and conversation for hints of outrage against their progressive propaganda and who blithers and blathers about homophobia and gender normativity and white privilege and oppressive microaggressions and teachable moments is an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that he is a filthy, crippled beggar who abandons his ideology and begs for scraps and his life as the men of action pass him by on the way to battle.

The young man today who spends his time playing video games on the couch and masturbating when he’s not playing video games and has no ambition to stand forth as a powerful example of masculinity is as contemptible after the power goes out as he is when the lights are on. Typically he is shot quickly as he has no utility as a fighter and is a waste of resources that could be devoted to a man capable of swinging steel and using a rifle.

Understanding the reality of the dark world is going to take some deadly serious changes in your thinking. It is not about fantasies of Mad Max or the Walking Dead or any other apocalyptic Hollywood story where somehow the hero makes it through to the end without being changed as a man and with a sorely impacted conscience from what he had to do to survive.

The way of the Dark Triad Man is to understand that while the gradient of the dark world may lighten from time to time, it is never the soft pretty white glow it is portrayed to be. The dark world recedes on the beach of humanity but its ocean does not evaporate.


You must shock and traumatize your illusions.

You must understand the floor of the dark world. It is going to be unpleasant and difficult to do.

Understanding how to be a gladiator – a man unfazed by the shadow of death, a man who doesn’t beg or scream or grovel for mercy, a Dark Triad Man who seizes the throne with his own hands and who knows exactly what will happen if he fails to harden his heart and his spirit and indomitable will – takes an understanding of the opposite.

It takes understanding what happens when a man loses all will to fight and live, and is herded like a confused cow into the slaughterhouse.


Dive into the reality of the dark world.

You are tasked with attaining this understanding.

The most efficient way to develop your acceptance of the dark world is to study and know three things: video evidence, historical documents and physical hardness.

I am going to provide you links to follow. Some of them will be indescribably brutal. They will sicken you and traumatize you and you will feel the mortal dread and terror that will pour from that content into you. The purpose of this is not to wallow in the horror.

The purpose is to understand how the dark world operates without sanitizing or calming or censoring the reality.

The purpose is to show you what happens when you do not have the gladiator power of the Dark Triad Man.

Are you ready? You are not going to enjoy some of this. But you will emerge harder.

You will emerge with a gladiator mindset, accepting of the dark world.

The gladiator did not step into the arena with an expectation of mercy. He did not draw steel and salute the Caesar with an expectation of gentleness. He did not turn and face the cruel and powerful adversaries in the Coliseum with softness in his heart. He did not tremble from lack of understanding of what was happening to him.

He launched his attack in the sure knowledge that it was to do or die.

You will understand this absolute imperative of do or die when you have completed the first step.

Here is your material:


Videos of the dark world

You are instructed to watch these videos in their entirety. You are to watch them in a specific setting and with a specific mindset, posture and discipline.

The Second of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is concealment. You will conceal the fact of this training.

You are to rise before dawn. You will reserve an undisturbed hour before you start preparations for your workday. You will have a private space where you will not be questioned or interrupted by even the presence of another person. This may mean that you must leave your  home and find a quiet place to view the material on your smartphone or tablet where there will not be another person to distract or inquire.

The Fourth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is endurance. You will endure the pain of this training.

You will consider what it would take to endure these mortal torments. You will imagine what discipline it would take to endure being present to witness these dark realities. You will question what you would have to change in yourself if circumstances required that you endure inflicting these ends in the defense of life or family or nation when the power went out and it was this, or massacre of your loved ones.

The Ninth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is No Laws. You will understand that nothing stops this from happening.

There is no cavalry coming to the rescue. There is no air support. There is no policeman. There is no merciful intervention from a parent. There is no law that stops, no law that protects, there is no law that will save you from the reality of the dark world. You are responsible for your own power, you are responsible for your own safety, you are responsible for your own outcomes. You will consider where you are failing in that responsibility.

There is no one coming to save you. Your power in the world is all that you and your loved ones can depend upon.


As you watch this content you will maintain a posture of extreme respect.

The Dark Triad Man is supremely respectful of the suffering and the dead. Being a gratuitous spectator of suffering is disgusting and anathema to him. Sadism is not a part of him and he does not engage in it.

When you have finished your hour of review and contemplation, you will spend a few moments in silent, meditative stillness.

You will assess the swelling emotions in your heart. You will dissect the running thoughts in your mind.

You will carry those analyses through your day. And you will repeat this process for three days.

And you will understand and accept the reality of the dark world.


Written histories of the dark world

You are instructed to read this written material and absorb the lessons, the facts, and the reality that the dark world is formed from. You live in a sanitized world, where Kardashian stupidity is presented as the pinnacle of importance.

You must turn your mind to the history of the human race.

You will review this material with all of the discipline, the study, the attention and time that it takes.

The Sixth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is freedom. You will acknowledge the history of the dark world is slavery.

The vast masses of humanity have ever been the enslaved victims of those who seized power and acknowledged no laws but their own. The vast masses of humanity today are willfully and contentedly bound into soul-killing jobs, into dead habits, into mediocrity and mundanity and become nothing more than dry leaves that are swept up and burned for profit and power by the archetypes of the age. You will consider what your probable outcomes would have been in each historical period and you will ruthlessly restructure yourself to ensure your freedom. Because the surf of the dark world will lap again at the beach.

The Seventh of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is power. You will acknowledge power as the engine of the dark world.

The greatest prize is always the throne and power. Wealth comes with the throne. Women come with the throne. Property and title and estates and immortality come with the throne. You will read the manifestos of men who seized the throne, and you will journey into the mindset of men who cast laws and conventions and social approval aside and remade the world in their own image.

The First of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is survival. You will  acknowledge that you alone can guarantee your survival.

History is the story of death. Those who kill, those who are killed. Those who were lined up naked and shivering and emaciated at the edge of a killing pit and shot in the back and buried, and those who escaped murder and evaded the cruel talons of the tyrant and lived to share their experience. You will read these stories of survival and you will embrace the mindset of those who made it out alive.

As you read this material you will be respectful and you will be disciplined.

You will not skip pages. You will plumb into the full darkness of history.

You will not become bored and inattentive. You will deeply absorb the lessons.

You will be a diligent, committed, and dedicated student who is determined to embody the gladiator power of the Dark Triad Man.

And you will never forget the harsh and sacred lessons learned of the dark world.

You will also review our Library of Ferocity and study the materials within.

You are thinking here that it is a lot of reading.

Did you think becoming a Dark Triad Man with gladiator power is easy?

You must think of yourself as a scholar.

You must study ceaselessly and become a practitioner of the Way.

And you must also become physically hard and dangerous.

Now let’s talk about the physical training.


Physical hardness as a basis for Gladiator Power

Survival in the dark world does not happen because you want it to. Gold and glory in the dark world do not accrue to the dainty and effeminate weak.

Your physical hardness is critical to your mental and emotional state and you must forge yourself into cruel and unforgiving iron.

Men who are physically hard are men with mental toughness and emotional endurance. Men who are physically hard are men who understand that they can withstand deprivation and pain and cold and hunger and a savage, unforgiving environment that challenges them to thrive or die.

That is called the dark world and the Dark Triad Man is always ready to draw scarred steel and howl for impending victory.

I want you focused on hard and grueling physical lessons. Those lessons will not stop once you have completed their initiation. They will continue through the rest of your life, if you are a Dark Triad Man and wish to keep your competence and achievement sharp.

You have three physical requirements to meet to attain gladiator power:


Physical strength and fitness

You have a responsibility to be hard to kill. That means being strong. You will need to possess the Body of a Spartan. You will review the harsh lessons at John Doe Bodybuilding. You will start eating correctly and you will start walking and you will start calisthenics and you will start lifting heavy iron weights, as heavy as you can manage and you will do it over and over again.

You will not accept any excuse standing between yourself and the fearsome, terrible gladiator power of the Dark Triad Man.

If you are in a wheelchair you will order grip strengtheners online. And you will use them until your calluses bleed. When you are competent you will be able to grab a man’s throat with your hands and break it with your cruel grasp. And you will take knowledge of that capability into your mind and heart.

If you are any less disabled than a man in a wheelchair, you don’t need to be sharing weak excuses even with yourself.

You will lift and you will eat and you will prepare yourself for the next stage.


Realistic combat training

Being as strong and fit and healthy as your ferocious and unstoppable drive will allow is just one component of physical hardness that gladiator power demands. You will need to become not only difficult to kill, but difficult to stop from killing.

This is the harsh reality of the dark world. It is about killing and power. You will work on power as you go through our dissection and teaching of Machiavellianism and The Nine Laws and other ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

You are going to work on killing here.

Killing is not a game. Killing is not about drama. Killing is not flashy or fun or a display of coolness. Forget all your 80’s action movies and 90’s television shows and anything you’ve seen about hand to hand combat in the movies.

Killing is about murderous, immediate and unhesitating efficiency. It is a skill that has many facets, but you’re going to start by focusing on the realities.

I am speaking here as a 30+ year practitioner of classical Japanese koryū (古流). The koryū arts predate the Meji Restoration in Japan in the 1800’s and were the source of ruthless killing arts for men on the field of battle. They were not meditative arts or competitive sports or healthy physical fitness exercises.

The particular koryū I am a practitioner of is not important, although if you read my discourse on Machiavellianism you’ll have an idea.

My purpose in establishing that is to establish the frame for my next teaching and your next requirement.

You will learn hand to hand combat. You will not play games with toy martial arts.

You will look for an authentic Krav Maga school. You will walk down to your local Brazilian jiu-jutsu academy and observe. You will go to your local MMA training center and ask questions. You will assess and you will listen and you will find one that fits your wallet and your temperament and with a teacher that does not reek of bullshit. And you will invest in at least 90 days of hard, sweaty, painful, bruising and unpleasantly intimate training and you will learn to fight and live.

Make yourself prohibitively expensive to kill.


You will train for a physical contest with a deadline

Deadlines have dark, terrifying magic in them. They spur you to action. They drive your desperation. They are used by the Dark Triad Man to harness the indomitable force of will that is one of many sources of his deep and formidable power.

I don’t care if it is Tough Mudder or your local marathon or a bodybuilding contest or even a self generated ordeal. Climb a 14,000 peak in three hours by Thanksgiving. Deadlift 500 pounds by June. Achieve single digit bodyfat before New Year’s Eve.

Pick something.

Pick something terrifying and cruel and hard and painful.

Throw the rest of the world away and make it happen.

Tell your friends you cannot go drinking and practicing silly pickup artist lines on contemptuous girls for the next couple of months.

Tell your wife that you have something to achieve as a man and you are going to by-God-do-it.

Tell your children that you are going to succeed at something they can be proud of and they are going to watch you tear your weakness away.

Tell your boss you are unable to work late until further notice. Or if that risks your job, you get the hell up hours earlier and train.

Stock up in painkillers. Get used to washing sweaty, filthy, stinking clothing that reeks of discarded weakness.

Sleep on the floor and make the last thought of your day that you are a Dark Triad Man.

And swear you will not be defeated.


Cement this knowledge with the FREE ebook module.

You have the principles.

You have the materials.

You have your orders.

Now go forth and follow them and be a man worthy of the legions of Spartacus.

Get the free ebook of this article and subscribe to exclusive updates.

Be the man who plunges without reserve through the crashing waves of the stormy dark world and seizes the throne of gold and power.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that you must understand how darkness works.

Darkness seizes the throne.

I will see you there, if you are hard enough to carve your way to the seat of power.

The first few chapters of my book are free to read on Amazon.

Discover them. Keep learning, keep growing, and cultivate well.

This is my legacy, delivered to you.


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