Welcome To The Dark Triad Man

Welcome To The Dark Triad Man

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Get ready for a singular experience of power.

Blow the locks off the doors to your success.

That’s a bold statement and a bold visual. I want you to gather up the psychological dynamite I’ve embedded in these pages and turn them into shaped charges that detonate your complacency and turn your stupid, useless, self-imposed limitations into shattered splinters on the path behind you.

Welcome to the Dark Triad Man and ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

My name is Ivan Throne and I’m the proprietor of this blog. I’ve launched Dark Triad Man to share my experience, my perspective, and to give back some of the wisdom I’ve accumulated over the decades as I built my fortune and my power. My purpose here is enabling other men to benefit from that experience. I want them to cruelly sharpen the personal edge necessary to build their own fortunes, their own power, and transform themselves into something harder than the average man.

Today’s men are expected to be “in touch with their feminine side” and “equal partners” and all sorts of other things. Transgenderism is encouraged. “Oh, little Johnny is tucking his penis between his legs again. How postmodern. Let’s look up how much a good sex reassignment therapist costs.”

It’s beyond sad. We are witnessing the death of an age.

It is horribly confusing to grow up in today’s Western culture as a young man and receive all the evil messages of emasculation, shackles and abandonment of manhood. The group-think finger-pointing at anything that doesn’t genuflect with false “apologies” and “teachable moments” when the social mob turns on it is ridiculous.

The Dark Triad Man isn’t controlled by that and he isn’t impressed with it.

In these pages we’ll talk about the traits, the skills and the mindset of a formidable and dangerous kind of man. About an archetype that not only rises above this cultural foolishness but takes his fortune from it and his success and builds empires as part of his mission.

I’m looking forward to this. And I’m looking forward to the dialogue with you.

You can read more about me on the About page of this site and why I’m stepping forward today to build each of my brothers into a man of power.

My mission is to turn each of them into a Dark Triad Man.

I’m going to tell you right now how I’m going to do that:


I’ll seize you by the face and tell you the brutal truth.

This is a dark world. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar attempting to manipulate you or trying to sell you something, whether a bridge in Arizona or an insidious worldview that benefits him (or especially her, which we’ll cover in more posts on this blog). One needs only look at the current collapse of Syria and the murderous catalogue of beheadings, mass executions and other grotesque atrocities that are now the order of the day.

That’s always been the order of the day. Don’t kid yourself that this world is a gentle and generous place.

That isn’t to say the dark world isn’t worthwhile. It is absolutely worthwhile and it’s by being a Dark Triad Man that you are able to take full advantage of it and navigate seamlessly through all the realms of power, wealth, title, women, property and position.

The truth is that you are responsible for yourself. The truth is that no one is going to give you power, wealth, title, women, property or position because they pity you. In fact they won’t even pity you… they’ll roll over you and crush you and use your glistening remains to lube the treads of their own success. Because that’s how the world works.

The truth is that most men do not know how to be men. The define themselves through the feminine narrative of the women in their life. They define themselves through the approval or disapproval of a manager at they job they endure to put bread on the table. (Hint: if the manager was a Dark Triad Man his approval or lack of it would be worthwhile. But he isn’t, because he’s a manager at a job and not the owner of the company.)

The really ugly truth is that our culture has abandoned teaching men how to be men and punishes them for their innate natural power. Little boys are drugged with Ritalin to keep them immobile and placid while silly liberal hens indoctrinate them in mush. Young men are bound within a shaming culture of political correctness designed to breed them into cattle for the collectivists. Men are shackled by the law into weakness and bondage.

It’s disgusting and the Dark Triad Man not only rejects it, he leaps over it in the knowledge that this age is collapsing and the dark world is preparing to overthrow the ridiculous parade of transgender bread and Kardashian circuses and collapse humanity into another time of reality.

Reality is what exists when the power goes out.

When the power goes out the man who knows reality keeps going.

The man who has cultivated power and wealth and title and women and property and position did it through knowing and operating in reality. He’s not blind to reality. He lives in it. He knows how it works and he is nine steps ahead of you.

As a man you owe it to yourself to be a Dark Triad Man and survive this appalling collapse of the West. And here’s how we’ll do it:


I’ll give you concrete plans to become what the whole world admires.

Let’s be take that brutal honesty and expand it to an analysis of a couple of things. The first is that regardless of what people say – and the Dark Triad Man will tell you that almost everything people say is pointless illusion, even to themselves – there’s real truth that you can’t ignore:

No one ever said, “Donald Trump is a weak loser” and really thinks they can sit across the negotiating table with him and kick his ass. You know you’d want Donald Trump on your side of the table and you’d stay out of his way.

No one ever said, “James Bond has a boring life” and didn’t wish that they could drive Aston Martins through adventures like him. You know he survives them all not because he’s the biggest or the strongest but because he’s ruthless to the core.

No one ever said, “Machiavelli didn’t know what he was talking about” and made a success of themselves in the world of political power. When your first name becomes a nickname for the Devil you’ve made a reputation for yourself.

No one ever said, “That guy has a jacked body. I bet he never gets women” and didn’t really wish they also made females shudder at the knees when they walked by and got amazing sexual experiences just by looking and selecting.

No one ever said, “I wish I didn’t have so much money” and were glad they worked at a soul killing, wage slave nowhere job that wore their fingers to the bone and ground their lower back to daily misery and stole their useful years.

Every man would kill to have Donald Trump’s money with James Bond’s adventures and Machiavelli’s insight and a killer physique wading through gorgeous women and more discretionary money than he knows what to do with. But another thing that very few men will take the time to do, is show you what it really takes to have those things.

What I’m going to do here at Dark Triad Man is give you real, concrete plans to steering your world towards these things by teaching you how to break it apart and put it back together in an effective manner. That means direct action, done on your own time, designed to actually change your thinking.

I’m here to guide and teach you with ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

It’s not out of compassion. I don’t feel sorry for you. I don’t have time to feel sorry for people.

I do understand certain things.

I understand crowds.

I understand power.

I understand women.

I understand psychopathy.


I’ll give you the opportunity to be an ally.

If you have what it takes to be an ally of Ivan Throne – then I’m interested in forging you into a Dark Triad Man.

Read on. It’s not just here that you’ll find growth in the right direction. I am generous with knowledge because it isn’t the facts I know, it’s the carrying out of action in the world that makes a Dark Triad Man.

If you don’t act you don’t have.

It’s that easy, and it’s that hard.


Welcome to Dark Triad Man.

My purpose here is to help you blow the locks off the doors to your success. My own doors were burned as fuel many decades ago. Now I live in the success of my endeavors, and I wake up every morning on fire to achieve more. It’s the birthright of every man to stride into the dark world and seize his fortune, grow his power, accumulate his wealth and fulfill the deepest personal missions he can create.

But you have to do the work. That’s what a man does. Consider the motto of Ivan Throne and apply it to your world.

Nox prendit regnum.

“Night grasps the throne.”

Come inside.

Draw steel.

Lock your eyes on mine and grin with all the grim ferocity of a man without fear.

We’re going to practice plundering the dark world together.

Welcome to Dark Triad Man.


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